ArrowNet Sylhet

ArrowNet - Broadband Internet Service provider in Sylhet

ArrowNet Sylhet: The Best Broadband Service Provider

ArrowNet Broadband Internet Service is a leading broadband internet service provider based in Sylhet, Bangladesh, with a strong emphasis on quality over quantity. With over 6 years of experience, we have become the most loved choice for high-quality and reliable internet services in the region.

Why Choose ArrowNet?

Best Support:Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you. We value our customers and prioritize their satisfaction.
Unlimited Packages: Enjoy seamless internet with our unlimited monthly packages tailored for both home and business use. We offer packages designed to meet your specific needs.
Stable Connection:Experience consistent internet speed throughout the day and night. We provide stable internet connections, crucial for any online task.
Fiber Optic Network: We utilize cutting-edge Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) solutions, ensuring a stable internet connection without frequent drops.
Multiple Upstreams:To minimize downtime, ArrowNet is connected to multiple upstream providers, ensuring the highest quality service.
Friendly Employees:Our team is dedicated to putting customers first. Our connectivity teams are regularly trained to meet our customer’s needs effectively.

Residential Internet Packages

LITE INTERNET10Mbps690TK/month100Mbps YouTube, 50Mbps Facebook, 100Mbps BDIX, 100Mbps FTP
ECONOMY INTERNET12Mbps850TK/month100Mbps YouTube, 100Mbps Facebook, 100Mbps BDIX, 100Mbps FTP
BASIC INTERNET15Mbps1000TK/month100Mbps YouTube, 100Mbps Facebook, 100Mbps BDIX, 100Mbps FTP
STANDARD INTERNET20Mbps1200TK/month100Mbps YouTube, 100Mbps Facebook, 100Mbps BDIX, 100Mbps FTP
PRO INTERNET25Mbps1400TK/month100Mbps YouTube, 100Mbps Facebook, 100Mbps BDIX, 100Mbps FTP

Corporate Internet Solutions

ArrowNet also offers customized internet solutions for businesses, including:

  • Customized Packages: Tailored internet packages based on your business needs.
  • Dedicated Bandwidth: Ensuring optimal service through dedicated bandwidth.
  • Dedicated IP: Providing a dedicated IP for every corporate client.
  • Network Solution: Designing internal networks for optimal service.
  • Stable Connection: Reliable and stable internet connection.
  • Dedicated Customer Manager: Assigned to provide the best support to corporate clients.

Other Services

  • IP Phone: Professional IP phone numbers for your business.
  • Internal Networking: Networking solutions for homes, offices, or buildings.
  • Domain Name Registration: Establish your brand with a professional domain.
  • Web Development: Experienced team to build your business website.
  • CC and IP Camera: Complete surveillance solutions for your security needs.
  • Digital Marketing: Comprehensive digital marketing solutions to boost your brand.

For more information and to subscribe to our services, contact us at 09639350350 or visit our Facebook page. Experience the best internet service with ArrowNet Broadband Internet!