Dhaka University

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Discover Dhaka University: A Legacy of Academic Excellence

Dhaka University was established in 1921 and since that time has served as a beacon of academic brilliance within Bangladesh, becoming one of the oldest and most acclaimed institutions. Renowned for fostering intellectual growth and innovation, Dhaka University serves as an integral platform in producing tomorrow’s leaders.

Academic Offerings and Research Excellence

Dhaka University has long been known for its academic diversity, providing undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across arts, sciences, business and technology disciplines. Offering programs at all three levels – undergraduate through doctorate studies – allows the university to foster exploration and innovation while meeting research excellence goals through various national and international collaborations that not only amplify contributions made to global academic communities but also reinforce commitment to expanding knowledge within different fields.

Vibrant Student Community and Illustrious Alumni

Dhaka University prides itself on the vibrant student body and distinguished alumni that form its community of over 33,000 students, representing some of the finest minds from Bangladesh and abroad, which contribute to an energizing campus life. DU takes particular pride in their illustrious alumni’s notable accomplishments – many have become influential leaders, scholars and professionals who have played vital roles in driving the social, economic and cultural advancement of their countries of residence or beyond.

Cutting-Edge Campus Facilities and Resources

DU commitment to creating an optimal learning environment can be seen in its cutting-edge facilities and resources. At the center of academic resources is Dhaka University Central Library, a vital hub for both students and researchers. With an extensive collection of texts and materials supporting teaching, learning, and research missions – including supporting Dhaka’s teaching-learning-research missions! In addition, many facilities on campus aim to foster intellectual, social, and physical growth – beyond Dhaka Central Library!

Dhaka University Admission Process

Prospective students considering Dhaka University can expect an open and inclusive admissions process, featuring detailed guidelines such as its Admission Circular. With MBA studies available at the university as well as many other disciplines being explored by applicants eager to become part of its renowned legacy, prospective applicants have the chance of experiencing it first-hand.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Dhaka University stands as an unparalleled beacon of academic and cultural excellence for Bangladesh. From its rich history, extensive academic offerings, accomplished alumni network, advanced facilities to its strong commitment to student welfare – Dhaka University remains unwavering in its pursuit of excellence.