Diamond Crafts (PVT.) Ltd: Fostering sustainability through Jute and Seagrass Home Decor

Adopting Eco-Friendly Practices:

Diamond Crafts (PVT.) Ltd. is an enterprise dedicated to creating economic opportunities for local communities by producing and exporting eco-friendly jute and seagrass home decor products. As one of the leaders of Bangladesh Jute industry, our success rests with our knowledgeable workforce who together help produce an array of products aligned with your values.

Jute: the Golden Fiber

Jute is one of the two primary natural fibers globally and stands for biodegradability and sustainability. Bangladesh boasts the world’s second highest production of raw jute goods with approximately 80% coming from there alone; Diamond Crafts continues this legacy with high-quality yet competitively priced jute products for purchase.

Quality Products You Can Rely On

Our products are widely recognized for their exceptional quality, innovative design, lightweight features and durable construction. At affordable prices, they offer a variety of shopping bags, placemat-coasters, and laundry baskets made from jute material.

Sustainable Home Decor: Reinventing Tradition with Kaisa and Seagrass

Our sustainable home decor offerings take advantage of the natural beauty and versatility of kaisa and seagrass to deliver high-quality home decor options, such as placemats, seagrass belly baskets and pillow seats designed to enhance living spaces while upholding cultural traditions in Bangladesh.

Mission Statement: Promoting Sustainability and Community Empowerment.

Bangladesh’s mission is to strengthen local communities and drive sustainable development. Maintaining traditional craftsmanship traditions and ethical trade practices creates economic opportunities.

Vision Statement: Fostering Global Movement towards Eco-Friendly Living.

Passion and responsibility fuel our vision: we imagine a future where our company plays an essential part in revolutionizing the jute and seagrass industries, creating an environmentally sustainable ecosystem to uphold local artisans and farmers.

Crafting a Sustainable Legacy: Our Goal

In Bangladesh and beyond, we aim to leave an enduring legacy by creating economic opportunity and encouraging eco-friendly practices.

Diamond Crafts (PVT.) Ltd: Uniting tradition, innovation and ethics into products designed to enrich lives one product at a time.