Diamond Jute Diversification & Co.

Best Jute Bag Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in Bangladesh

Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. – Your Premier Jute Diversification Partner in Bangladesh

Welcome to Diamond Jute Diversification & Co., where excellence meets sustainability in Jute products. As a leading Jute bag manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in Bangladesh, we’ve been weaving eco-friendly tales since 2005.

Explore Our Eco-Chic Jute Products:

Jute Rope:Strong, natural, and eco-friendly, ideal for gardening, crafts, packaging, and DIY projects.
Jute Fabrics:Rustic elegance for fashion, home decor, and crafting projects.
Jute Bag:Stylish and practical, perfect for shopping, beach trips, or everyday use.
Others:From durable bags to rustic home decor, discover the essence of eco-luxury.

About Our Jute Industry:

Leading the Way: Bangladesh’s top Jute Bag Manufacturer with 19+ years of industrial experience.
Sustainable Practices: Cultivating jute on a large scale, generating work opportunities, and promoting a greener future.
Export Excellence: Manufacturer of export-oriented products like Jute Bag and Jute Rope.

Where We Reach:

Global Shipping: USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Russia, Netherlands, Lithuania, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Korea, and Hong Kong.

End-to-End Customer Experience:

Order Execution:Meticulous checks from sampling to shipment.
Quality Control:Step-by-step process ensuring top-class excellence.
Sustainability:Nurturing eco-friendly Jute and seagrass products for a greener tomorrow.
Buyer Visit:Join us on purchase trips, factory tours, and inspections for a seamless experience.

Company Profile of Diamond Jute Diversification & Co:

  • Mission: To Gain Excellence and Leadership in the Production and Marketing of Jute Diversified Handicraft Products.

Say “NO” to Plastic, Stay with “GREEN” – Choose Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. for Quality First.

Join us in embracing a sustainable lifestyle with Bangladesh’s Natural Jute Wonders!


Q What types of Jute products does Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. offer?

Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. offers a diverse range of eco-friendly Jute products, including Jute Rope, Jute Fabrics, Jute Bags, and various other creations like durable bags, fashion-forward accessories, rustic home decor, and versatile textiles.

Q What sets Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. apart as a Jute Bag Manufacturer in Bangladesh?

With 19+ years of industrial experience, Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. leads as Bangladesh's top Jute Bag Manufacturer, cultivating jute on a large scale, generating work opportunities, and manufacturing export-oriented products. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and setting industry standards solidifies our position as a leader in Bangladesh’s Jute sector.

Q Where does Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. ship its Jute products?

Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. ships globally to various destinations, including the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Russia, Netherlands, Lithuania, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Korea, and Hong Kong. Our reach extends to meet the demands of customers worldwide.

Q What is the company's approach to sustainability and eco-friendliness?

Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. is dedicated to nurturing sustainability through Jute & Seagrass products. Our offerings feature biodegradable and compostable fibers, emphasizing a commitment to an eco-friendly tomorrow. We exclusively craft eco-friendly products, taking a strong stance against harmful plastic goods.

Q How does Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. ensure quality control in its Jute products?

From order execution to shipment, Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. follows a meticulous quality control process. We focus on developing, improving, and implementing integrated quality controls, ensuring that our Jute products meet the highest standards. Buyers receive regular updates on sampling, production, and shipment progress.