Gonoshasthaya Kendra: Serving Bangladesh’s Health and Community Needs

GK (Gonoshasthaya Kendra) is a non-governmental organization established in 1972 in Bangladesh. Their public charitable trust status allows GK to focus on people-centric healthcare as well as various community services for nearly 50 years; including healthcare delivery services for people of various gender identities as well as disaster mitigation management education agriculture advocacy advocacy for rural areas of Bangladesh.

History of Gonoshasthaya Kendra:

In 1971 during the Bangladesh-Pakistan war, Bangladesh Field Hospital was set up in Tripura, India and Zafrullah Chowdhury founded Gonoshasthaya Kendra as one of two cardiac surgeons (Zafrullah Chowdhury and MA Mobin).

Honors and Awards:

GK has enjoyed an extraordinary journey, marked with numerous honors and awards that recognize its immense contributions. Notable recognitions include:

1972: Certificate of Commendation from General M.A.G. Osmani for contributions during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War.
1974: Swedish Youth Peace Prize for Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury’s role in founding GK and providing primary healthcare to rural communities.
1985: Ramon Magsaysay Award (the “Asian Nobel Prize”) for Community Leadership, acknowledging Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury’s transformative work in Bangladesh’s healthcare sector.
1992: The Right Livelihood Award (the “Alternative Nobel Prize”) for promoting health and human development.
2007: Fr. Tong Memorial Award for outstanding community health professionals.
…and many more, recognizing GK’s diverse people-oriented development activities.

Founding and Works

Gonoshasthaya Kendra’s Foundation and Mission:

During the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, medical professionals and volunteers founded GK. Initially a makeshift hospital in Melaghar, India, GK evolved into a people-oriented healthcare organization. Serving over 1.5 million people in 541 villages across Bangladesh, GK focuses on healthcare, women’s empowerment, disaster management, education, agriculture, and advocacy.

Gonoshasthaya Kendra’s Notable Projects:

GK’s impact extends through various projects, including:

Health: Providing healthcare services to vulnerable communities.
Education: Promoting education for empowerment.
GK Dialysis Center: Specialized healthcare facility.
Emergency Rohingya Response Program (Cox’s Bazar): Addressing urgent healthcare needs.
Health Care Scheme for RMG Workers: Insurance model for the garment industry.
Krishi Samabay: Empowering farmers through seasonal credit.
Disaster Management: Mitigating the impact of natural disasters.

GK’s Area of Work:

GK’s outreach spans several regions, including Gaibandha, Parbatipur, Sreepur, Shibganj, Cox’s Bazar, and more. GK caters to vulnerable and low-income groups through a network of rural sub-centers and academic hospitals.

Get Involved

Visit Gonoshasthaya Kendra’s Facebook and website to gain more insight into our programs and initiatives, from healthcare to education and beyond. Join us as we make positive impacts across society! To explore Gonoshasthaya Kendra job openings and join in serving the people of Bangladesh!


Q What services does Gonoshasthaya Kendra offer?

Gonoshasthaya Kendra operates hospitals and clinics that provide a wide range of medical services across various specialties, including:

1. General Medicine
2. Cardiology
3. Gynecology & Obstetrics
4. Pediatrics
5. Orthopedics
6. Dentistry
7. Laboratory Services
8. Pharmacy
They also offer additional services like nutritional counseling, mental health support, and community outreach programs.

Q Are Gonoshasthaya Kendra services free?

While Gonoshasthaya Kendra is a non-profit organization committed to affordable healthcare, their services are not entirely free. They keep their treatment costs significantly lower than private hospitals and offer subsidized rates for underprivileged patients. They also accept various insurance plans to further increase accessibility.

Q How can I access Gonoshasthaya Kendra services?

You can visit one of their hospitals or clinics. Their main hospital is located at House # 14/E, Road-6, Dhanmondi, Dhaka - 1205, Bangladesh, and they have other healthcare facilities across the country. Alternatively, you can reach them by phone at +880 2 8617208, 9673512, 8617383 or visit their website at for more information and locations.

Q Does Gonoshasthaya Kendra offer any specialized programs or initiatives?

Yes, Gonoshasthaya Kendra is known for their commitment to community health and social justice. They have various ongoing programs focused on:

1. Maternal and child health
2. HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment
3. Sexual and reproductive health awareness
4. Disaster relief and preparedness
5. Mental health outreach programs

Q How can I support Gonoshasthaya Kendra's work?

There are several ways you can support Gonoshasthaya Kendra's mission:

1. Make a donation
2. Volunteer your time
3. Raise awareness about their work
4. Advocate for policies that support affordable healthcare