Ha-Meem Apparels Limited

Where quality, innovation, and sustainability meet.

Ha-Meem Apparels Limited: A Bangladeshi Garment Manufacturing Powerhouse

Ha-Meem Apparels Limited, a proud subsidiary of Ha-Meem Group, is Bangladesh’s leading garment manufacturing company. It has become known for its commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability since its founding in 1991. Since then, they have produced exceptional apparel products for domestic and international markets – earning themselves the trust of renowned global brands that depend on them as their supplier partner.

Ha-Meem Apparels Limited‘s Expertise

Ha-Meem Apparels is a manufacturer of woven garments catering to a variety of client needs. Our expertise spans across a variety of product categories, including:

ProductAnnual ProductionNumber of Employees
Shirts20 million1,500
Blouses15 million1,200
Overalls10 million800
Other woven garments5 million500

Our Commitment to Quality

At Ha-Meem Apparels, quality is at the core of everything we do. At every stage of production, our stringent quality control measures ensure we produce garments of only the highest caliber. Our commitment has earned us recognition and certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 and SA8000.

Our Sustainable Practices

Ha-Meem Apparels takes great pride in our commitment to environmental responsibility and social sustainability, employing eco-friendly practices across our operations that lessen environmental impact while safeguarding workforce wellbeing. In recognition of this effort, our denim mill has received LEED Gold certification – testament of its environmental responsibility!

Our Global Presence

Ha-Meem Apparels exports high-quality garments to markets throughout Europe, North America and Asia – attesting to our global reach and meeting customer demands with excellence.

Partner with Ha-Meem Apparels Limited for Garment Success

Ha-Meem Apparels is more than just a garment manufacturer; we aim to be your trusted apparel sourcing partner. Our expertise, commitment to quality, and dedication to sustainability make us ideal for brands seeking reliable and ethical garment production.

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Q What are the minimum order quantities (MOQs) at Ha-Meem Apparels?

Our MOQs vary depending on the product category and complexity. However, we are committed to working with our customers to accommodate their specific order sizes.

Q What is the lead time for garment production at Ha-Meem Apparels?

Lead times vary depending on the order quantity, complexity, and seasonality. However, we strive to provide our customers competitive lead times to meet their production schedules.

Q What is Ha-Meem Apparels' approach to sustainability?

Sustainability is an integral part of our operations at Ha-Meem Apparels. We implement eco-friendly practices throughout our production processes, minimize our environmental impact, and ensure the well-being of our workforce. Our commitment to sustainability has earned us the LEED Gold certification for our denim mill.

Q Does Ha-Meem Apparels offer ethical sourcing practices?

Yes, we are committed to ethical sourcing practices and adhere to strict labor standards. We have a comprehensive social compliance program to ensure our workers' well-being and uphold fair labor practices.

Q What certifications do Ha-Meem Apparels hold?

We proudly hold several certifications that attest to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices. These certifications include:
- ISO 9001:2015
- SA8000
- LEED Gold certification for our denim mill