Welcome to Henna Art by Sagorika!

Here at Henna Art by Sagorika, our mission is to celebrate and embrace each and every individual beauty by using only premium-grade organic henna products for you to use on yourself and discover who they truly are through the expressive art form of Henna.

Preserving Your Organic Henna:

Proper preservation of organic henna is crucial for its freshness and optimal performance, so store it in the deep freeze section of your refrigerator in order to extend its freshness and prevent spoilage.

How To Care for and Apply Henna:

Successful use and aftercare for Henna Art by Sagorika products require careful preparation and aftercare in order to produce long-lasting and vibrant colors. We guide you through each step from applying preservative to applying sealants so you get maximum benefit out of each Henna Art by Sagorika product!

Our Refund and Returns Policy:

Our aim is to ensure your total satisfaction with each purchase you make from us. That is why our Refund and Returns Policy was put in place so you can shop with peace of mind when shopping with us.

Explore Our Organic Henna Products:

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for premium organic henna products. Our carefully curated selection includes Organic Mehedi Cones, Body Art Quality Henna Powder and our exclusive Nail Tint Cone – everything you need for self-discovery and self-love using quality henna products!


Q If you have another question, could you send it out to us?

For any kind of queries please reach out to us. Our awesome team waiting for you.