Sourcing and Inspection at its Best.

InstaCheck | Sourcing and Inspection at its Best.

Are you in search of a company that provides product inspection and auditing? Good, you are at the right place, as we at Instacheck deliver these services at affordable prices. We are based in Kolkata and equipped with years of experience; our professionals check the quality of different goods. Besides, we also provide many other services, including liaison, sourcing, product management, product development, shipping and documentation.

We gather the data and follow the best practices to provide accurate results. We guarantee that our services will leave you satisfied.

Services We Offer:

Product InspectionThe product inspection process is divided into four segments: the pre-product inspection, where we check the condition of the materials; the product inspection, where we check the production status and delivery criterion; and pre-shipment inspection, that is, whether the products are compliant with the specifications and container loading supervision where we match the condition of the container.
LiaisonWe help manage the contact with the vendors with that of the customers, prepare the necessary paperwork and documentation, and help in sampling the orders.
SourcingWe help build rapport with vendors from overseas. But before doing so, we check if they comply with international, social, environmental, and legal norms.
Production ManagementIn the management of products, we check the condition of the products, defects, and damages and carry out on-site inspections.
Product DevelopmentWe work with some of the best manufacturers to develop the best products. We also inspect them before they can be transported somewhere else.
Shipping and DocumentationWe help manage the safe delivery of the products. We partner with some of the best courier and shipping companies for this.
Supplier AuditWe do different types of audits, namely, supplier qualification audits, extensive factory audits, social audits, and environmental audits.

Why Choose Instacheck?

Choose us since

  • We deliver all products safely and flawlessly
  • We detect all defective, non-compliant, and unsafe products
  • We help reduce defective merchandise
  • We help grow your reputation by carrying out the work carefully

So, contact us now if you need a reliable company that provides all services under one roof.