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Premier Aggregates Supplier in Bangladesh

River Sand Stone Aggregates – Premier Aggregates Supplier in Bangladesh

Welcome to River Sand Stone Aggregates, your destination for high-grade aggregates in Bangladesh. As an established supplier, we take great pride in offering an array of construction materials that surpass industry standards.

About Us: Your Trusted Aggregates Supplier in BD

At River Sand Stone Aggregates, we specialize in offering an assortment of crushed stone products, such as 3/4″ stone chips, limestone dust and 1/4″ stone chips. Our dedication to quality has made us one of the premier aggregates suppliers in Sunamganj, Bangladesh – when you choose us as your supplier you can expect:

Quality 3/4″ Stone Chips: Our 3/4″ crushed stone chips meet local market requirements and deliver increased strength and durability for construction projects.
Accurate Size Crushed Stone: At Stone Chip Sizing Services we deliver precise stone chip sizing services, meeting all project requirements precisely.
Reliable Aggregate Supplier: Count on us for consistency, reliability, and top-notch service.

3/4″ Crushed Stone Chips and 20mm Aggregates

Our 3/4″ crushed stone chips ranging from 12mm to 20mm are water-washed for minimal dust-related contamination, making them the go-to option for construction projects of all sizes. Civil contractors favor our premium aggregates in heavy-duty operations.

Limestone Dust – Versatile and Quality Raw Material

River Sand Stone Aggregates is not only an aggregates supplier but also a top provider of limestone dust. Our limestone dust is essential in cement manufacturing, poultry farming and landscaping projects as a versatile raw material source.

Use of Limestone Dust:

Raw Material of Cement: Limestone dust plays a vital role in cement manufacturing.
Poultry Industry: It’s utilized in the poultry industry for various applications.
Landscaping Projects: Limestone dust enhances the aesthetics of landscaping projects.

Limestone Dust Price in Bangladesh

Limestone dust prices fluctuate over time, but we always guarantee competitive rates for this premium material. Get in touch with us now to receive the best offers.

1/4″ Crushed Stone Chips – Ideal for Your Projects

Our 1/4″ crushed stone chips (2mm to 5mm) are widely available and widely utilized for driveways, bedding layers and construction projects. Civil contractors often opt for these self-compacting base materials for heavy-duty operations.

Connect With the Leading Aggregates Supplier in BD

M/S River Sand Stone Aggregates is your go-to provider for crushed stone, stone chips, limestone dust and aggregates for projects of all sizes in Bangladesh. For more information, follow us on Facebook or reach out at +8801726601477 for further assistance.

River Sand Stone Aggregates offer quality, reliability and superior service – everything you’d expect in an aggregate supplier in Bangladesh. Reach out now for all of your aggregate needs!


Q What type of aggregates does River Sand Stone Aggregates supply?

River Sand Stone Aggregates supplies a variety of crushed stone products, including 3/4″ stone chips, limestone dust, and 1/4″ stone chips.

Q What are the benefits of using River Sand Stone Aggregates' 3/4″ crushed stone chips?

River Sand Stone Aggregates' 3/4″ crushed stone chips offer enhanced strength and durability for construction projects, are water-washed to be free from dust, and are the preferred choice for civil contractors in heavy-duty operations.

Q What are the uses of limestone dust?

Limestone dust is a versatile raw material that can be used in cement manufacturing, the poultry industry, and landscaping projects.

Q How can I get a quote for limestone dust?

Please contact River Sand Stone Aggregates at +8801726601477 for the best prices on limestone dust.

Q How can I contact River Sand Stone Aggregates?

You can contact River Sand Stone Aggregates at +8801726601477 or follow them on Facebook.