Nilkhet Book Market

A Treasure Trove of Books in Dhaka

Welcome to Nilkhet Book Market – the epitome of literary exploration and academic resource hub!

Established in 1979, Nilkhet is the oldest and largest book market in the heart of the capital, near Dhaka University. Nilkhet Book Market is a sprawling treasure trove with a rich history and a vast collection catering to the diverse needs of students, scholars, and book enthusiasts.


Nilkhet Book Market, with its estimated 2500 stalls, is not just a market; it’s a haven for those seeking knowledge and literary delights. You’ll find an extensive range of books, from academic essentials to global literary gems, at unbelievably low prices. Whether you’re a college student, a university scholar, or a book lover, Nilkhet is your one-stop solution.

Products and Services:

Books:Academic textbooks, fiction, medical books, BCS preparation materials, local and international publications – Nilkhet has everything.
Printing and Photocopying Shops:Avail low-cost printing and copying services for your academic and professional needs.
Education Materials:Find a variety of stationery and educational materials to complement your learning journey.

Nilkhet Book Market Off Day & Weekly Schedule:

Plan your visit easily, as the Book Market operates daily from 10 am to 7 pm, except for Tuesdays when closed. 

Holiday Closures:

Please note that the Market observes closures on national holidays, including International Mother Language Day (21st February), Independence Day (26th March), Victory Day (16th December), and National Mourning Day (15th August).

Nilkhet Tragedy:

In a testament to the resilience of the Nilkhet community, the market faced a massive fire on 22nd February 2022. Though the tragic incident resulted in substantial losses for the shop owners, the combined efforts of 10 firefighting units managed to bring the situation under control. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries reported during this challenging time.

Visit Nilkhet Book Market, where knowledge meets affordability, and every page tells a story. Discover the joy of learning amidst the vast offerings of this iconic literary hub.


Q When is Nilkhet Book Market open, and what are its operating hours?

Nilkhet Book Market is open from 10 am to 7 pm, six days a week. It remains closed on Tuesdays. Plan your visit on any other day to explore the vast collection of books and services.

Q What types of books can I find at Nilkhet Book Market?

Nilkhet Book Market offers a diverse range of books, including academic textbooks, fiction, medical books, BCS preparation materials, and works by both local and international authors. The market is a comprehensive solution for all your reading needs.

Q Are there services other than books available at Nilkhet Book Market?

Yes, in addition to books, Nilkhet provides low-cost printing and photocopying services. You can also find a variety of stationery and educational materials, making it a one-stop destination for all your academic requirements.

Q What are the weekly and holiday schedules of Nilkhet Book Market?

Nilkhet Book Market operates from Sunday to Saturday, with opening hours from 10 am to 7 pm. It is closed on Tuesdays. Additionally, the market observes closures on national holidays such as International Mother Language Day, Independence Day, Victory Day, and National Mourning Day.

Q Can you provide more information about the Nilkhet Tragedy mentioned in the content?

On 22nd February 2022, a significant fire occurred at Nilkhet Book Market, affecting the southern part and spreading to the center. It took the efforts of 10 firefighting units two hours to control the fire. While there were no serious injuries, the incident resulted in substantial losses for shop owners. Despite this, Nilkhet continues to stand resilient as a literary hub.