North South University (NSU)

Center of Excellence in Higher Education

North South University (NSU) Is A Beacon Of Excellence In Higher Education

North South University stands as one of the pioneering private universities in Bangladesh and excels academically with its variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to meet the dynamic demands of global business and academia.

Academic Programs of Interest:

Business Administration:

School of Business at NSU provides future business leaders with the expertise they need. Finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and international business are all covered.

Engineering at NSU:

Electrical, electronics, computer, civil, and environmental engineering are offered at NSU.

Computer Science:

CSE offers a rigorous curriculum focused on software development, system integration, and technology advancements. Graduates need to excel in today’s fast-evolving tech industry.

Key Features:

NSU stands as one of Bangladesh’s inaugural private universities and boasts an exceptional academic legacy by offering superior education and engaging in groundbreaking research activities that make an impactful global impactful statement about who it stands as an institution. NSU stands on an impeccable legacy for providing top-quality instruction while encouraging breakthrough research to enrich society globally.

Modern Facilities: North South University’s campus boasts modern libraries, cutting-edge research centers, and cutting-edge laboratories – creating the ideal conditions for academic discovery and innovation.

Student Development: NSU offers extracurricular activities, clubs, and community service projects to ensure an all-round education.

Financial Aid: NSU offers scholarships and financial aid to deserving students.

Global Recognition: North South University has attained global recognition through a dedication to academic integrity and research excellence, embodying quality education with impactful research projects.

Why Choose NSU?

Deciding to attend North South University means more than earning your degree; it means becoming part of an institution which embraces knowledge, values diversity and cultivates innovation. At NSU, students receive training not just in academic success but in global leadership as well as personal growth.

No matter your field of endeavor–business, engineering or computer science–NSU provides resources and support that enable ambitious students to dream big and realize even bigger achievements.

Admissions at North South University:

Joining NSU means becoming part of its rich legacy of excellence. Our admissions process seeks out students who are both academically capable and excited to contribute their own unique strengths to a vibrant campus community.

How to Apply?

Create an Account: Launch your application process by registering with North South University Admissions Portal. Fill Out and Submit Applications: Submit online applications along with required documents including academic transcripts, test scores and letters of recommendation for consideration.

Application Submission: Upon payment of the necessary fees and submission of your application.

Admission Test: Prepare for the National State University admissions test, unless you meet its waiver criteria due to prior academic or test performance.

Important Deadlines and Dates: For detailed admission timelines and deadlines for different semesters, please consult the North South University Admissions System or reach out directly to their Office of Admissions.

North South University Grading System

North South University uses a letter-grading system which converts into grade points to calculate student GPAs and Cumulative Grade Point Averages (CGPAs). Here’s an outline of this system:

Calculating GPA and CGPA:

Grade point averages are calculated by dividing total grades earned during one semester by total credits attempted; CGPAs are calculated by taking all grades earned throughout a student’s academic career.

Important Points:

Only courses graded A through F are considered when calculating GPA and CGPA, though any grades earned outside of courses required for degrees can still appear on your transcript and be counted toward GPA calculation. To calculate your CGPA, you will need to take the same course a second time and earn a higher grade.

Explore all that North South University can offer you by joining us and experiencing what awaits you here. From our comprehensive programs, renowned faculty, and welcoming community – NSU provides an ideal setting for you to fully realize your potential and shape the future! Join us now and be a part of making history happen.