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Novoair Redefining Domestic Aviation in Bangladesh

Amidst a dynamic aviation environment, Novoair stands out as a beacon of innovation and service excellence within Bangladesh’s domestic airline sector. No matter if you are an intrepid traveler, an avid local businessperson, or simply curious to visit Bangladesh for yourself; this comprehensive look at Novoair caters specifically to your interests and logistical requirements.

Rising Above the Clouds:

Novoair stands out in Bangladeshi market through its dedication to safety, comfort and elegance. Launched in 2007, its mission has always been providing reliable travel options in tandem with warm hospitality that characterises Bangladeshis.

Embraer jets, known for their efficiency and comfort, ensure customers experience reliable yet luxurious domestic travel service with this airline. Furthermore, its punctuality has earned it recognition within an unpredictable industry like air travel.

Novoair Covers the Nation: Not Only a Domestic Airline:

Providing direct flights to all major domestic destinations, Novoair reaches its customers through a comprehensive network of services.

Novoair stands out among airlines due to its well-coordinated flight schedule and seamless integration with international flights – making them the go-to airline for business travellers. Furthermore, they prioritize families and leisure travelers through attractive holiday packages and inflight amenities.

A Commitment to Excellence:

Novoair’s success story can be traced to its commitment to providing customers with an outstanding travel experience. Novoair staff – on both ground and air flights – go the extra mile in making sure every aspect of passenger comfort and safety are attended to with care and precision.

Novoair has spared no effort in its pursuit of perfection, from their online booking system to attentive cabin crew and tasty cuisine accompanied by reading materials available during inflight services provided by Novoair. Passengers enjoy all sorts of delightful surprises during these trips!

Setting Benchmarks for Sustainability:

In an age when environmental consciousness has never been more crucial, our company is taking measures to minimize its carbon footprint by upgrading fleet vehicles with reduced emissions, managing waste more effectively and optimizing resource use efficiency. These practices include upgrades which reduce emissions while improving resource usage efficiency.

Novoair’s commitment to sustainable development extends into activities designed to strengthen local communities such as health and education programs, going beyond mere ethical considerations to shape its long-term business strategies.

Nurturing Customer Loyalty:

Novoair’s success can also be credited to its strong customer loyalty programs, designed to acknowledge and thank frequent flyers. By tailoring its program specifically around customers’ preferences and offering amenities tailored specifically for frequent business travelers as well as occasional travelers alike.

Novoair loyalty programs reflect their customer-first philosophy; every journey becomes an enriching one with Novoair, acknowledging and appreciating not just miles accumulated but the true value each customer contributes.

The Digital Frontier:

Novoair has enthusiastically embraced digital transformation, understanding that travel’s future lies with seamless digital experiences. Their website and mobile app both provide customers with intuitive tools for booking flights, managing itineraries and staying informed on latest offerings/updates.

Novoair takes an innovative and forward-looking approach in its efforts to remain connected to its customers, using social media and online engagement strategies as channels through which customers may engage beyond airport terminals and airplane cabins.

Roadmap to the Future:

Novoair has ambitious growth plans beyond Bangladeshi skies. Their strategic vision involves expanding internationally by opening international routes, making their excellent services available to more people. As part of their expansion plan, Novoair also plans to add cargo services as part of efficient logistics.

Novoair sets new standards in operational excellence and service quality through its unyielding commitment to growth and innovation. As it strives for global recognition as an international player.

The Rise of a Reputation:

By adhering to their commitment of excellence and customer-first services, Novoair has steadily established themselves within the aviation industry. Through professionalism with a personal touch they focus on three pillars – safety, reliability, and service quality.

Beyond the Standard Protocol : Additional Safety Measures

Providing passengers with comfort and peace of mind, Novoair maintains its fleet rigorously to maintain industry-best safety standards.

Service Quality Defined

In an increasingly competitive market, Novoair stands out for its impeccable service quality. Their friendly staff anticipates passenger needs for a truly pleasurable flight experience.

Navigating the Network:

An airline’s core asset lies within their network of routes. Novoair carefully selects destinations to provide connections between popular spots and underserved gems – assuring all our flights arrive on schedule!

Domestic Domains: Novoair makes travel within Bangladesh even simpler than before with convenient routes connecting Dhaka with Barisal, Cox’s Bazar, Jessore and Sylhet – among many others domestic hubs – for seamless trips within Bangladesh. Multiple daily flights make short travels effortless!

Explore Nearby Countries with Novoair Flights: Exploring nearby countries has never been simpler! Offering regular flights between Kolkata and Yangon, Novoair makes for the ideal solution when planning regional adventures.

Global Reach: As an upstart company, Novoair aspires high by expanding into additional international destinations and further broadening their global presence. Keep tabs for any announcements regarding expansion plans to their global footprint!

Novoair Breaks the Ticket Price Benchmark:

In an industry where ticket prices dictate market dynamics, Novoair stands out by offering competitive fares without compromising quality service.

Transparent Pricing: At Novoair, we believe in transparent pricing – no hidden charges that might lead to unpleasant surprises! What you see quoted is what you pay without hidden surprises attached.

Special Discounts and Offers: The Novoair frequent-flier program, seasonal discounts, and exclusive special offers make quality travel affordable.

The Convenience of Booking:

No more long queues! Book flights faster and easier with Novoair’s user-friendly booking experience – no lines, just convenience.

Novoair lets you book seats, order food, and arrange special assistance from the comfort of your own home.

Offline Assistance: Novoair’s dedicated customer service can assist those looking for personalized attention during their booking experience, taking great care in all the details that make up a reservation process. Experienced personnel will walk them through it from beginning to end.

Comfort in the Cabin:

Your Novoair experience doesn’t begin at the airport gates; it starts the moment you step aboard.

Cabin Classes: Novoair’s Business or Economy class cabin provides premium comfort at an unbeatably reasonable cost. Our crew provides efficient yet friendly service that leaves nothing out!
In-Flight Amenities: Novoair offers delectable meals, entertainment choices, and the ability to take home souvenirs on board.

A Smooth Transition:

Even the most well-laid travel plans can encounter hiccups, but Novoair’s approach to transitions is as smooth as their flights.

Refund and Change Policies: Due to the unpredictability of travel, Novoair offers flexible yet fair refund and change policies. Rescheduling flights or receiving refunds are simple processes backed up with efficient support services for seamless experience.

24/7 Customer Support: To make your flight experience as stress-free as possible, the airline provides round-the-clock customer service.

Corporate Alliance and Group Bookings:

For local business owners, Novoair provides services designed to make corporate travel effortless and cost-efficient.

Customized Travel Solutions: When it comes to business travel, nobody expects one-size-fits-all solutions; Novoair understands this necessity of flexibility. Their corporate team offers tailored travel packages and discounts specifically tailored for each corporate client’s individual requirements.

Group and Event Bookings: Are You Planning an Event or Trip with Friends or Colleagues? When making a group reservation with Novoair, your group will have everything they need from start to finish!

Enhancing the Adventure with Package Tours:

Looking for an all-encompassing travel experience? Novoair package tours provide just that with their blend of convenience and discovery.

All-In-One Booking: With Novoair package tours, booking flights, accommodation and local tours all in one go is made easier than ever! Predefined itineraries have been carefully created to showcase each destination to make the most of your visit and maximize enjoyment during your journey away.

Customized Experiences: For travelers who desire an exciting, custom experience, Novoair offers customized package tours tailored specifically for you from culinary experiences to historical explorations. Their expert package tour team works closely with each participant to design an experience to their liking – be it culinary explorations or historical excursions.

Novoair Dhaka Sales Offices:

Corporate OfficeHouse-50, Road-11, Block-F, Banani.13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224[email protected]
Banani OfficeChandiwala Mansion, House-32(3rd Floor), Block-G, Road-1113603, +88-09638-013603, +880-9666722224, ext: 5111, +880-1755656662
Gulshan OfficeShop No:35, 1st Floor, Landview Commercial Center, Gulshan – 213603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5124; +880-1755656665
Motijheel OfficeShop No: G-7, Eastern Arzoo, 197 Shahid Syed Nazrul Shoroni, 61 Bijoynagar, Dhaka-100013603, +88-09638-013603, +880-9666722224, ext:5161;
Uttara OfficeHouse-53, Road-18, Sector-3, Uttara.13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5121; +880-1755656664
Asad Gate OfficeShop No. 15, New Colony Masjid Market (First Floor)
01, Asad Gate, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207.
13603, +88-09638-013603, +880-9666722224, ext: 5167-5168; +880-1755656643
NOVOAIR Sales CounterHazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Domestic Terminal.13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5123; +880-1755656663

Novoair Chattogram Sales Offices:

GEC Circle OfficeHusna Mansion (2nd Floor), 1702 CDA Avenue, GEC Circle, Chattogram13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5130-5131; +880-1755656666; 031 2558281/82
Airport OfficeShah Amanat International Airport.13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5144; +880-1755656668

Novoair Cox’s Bazar Sales Offices:

Cox’s Bazar OfficeHotel Sea Palace (Front Side Market)
Kolatoli Road.
13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5145; +880-1755656669; 0341 63142
Airport OfficeCox’s Bazar Airport.13603, ext: 5146; +880-1755656604

Novoair Jashore Sales Offices:

Jashore OfficeMoti Shopping Mall, 1st Floor 30 Mujib Sarak
Kotowali, Jashore – 7400
13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5147-48, +880-1755656670
Airport OfficeJashore Airport.13603, ext: 5173, +880-1755656603
Khulna Office46, K D A Avenue, Jiban Bima Bhaban (1st floor), Khulna13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5149-50; +880-1755656671; +88 02-477729135; +88 02-477724365

Novoair Sylhet Sales Offices:

Sylhet OfficeFiroz Centre (1st Floor), 891/Ka, Chouhatta, Noya Sharak Road, Sylhet-310013603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5151-52; +88-01755656672; 0821-728960
Airport OfficeOsmani International Airport.13603, ext: 5176; +88-01755656605

Novoair Barishal Sales Offices:

Barishal OfficePolice Line Road, Ward 16, Barishal Sadar13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5157, +880-1755656658

Novoair Rajshahi Sales Offices:

Rajshahi Office55, Boalia para, Alokar Mor, Ghoramara – 6100
(Opposite site of Rajshahi Chamber of Commerce and Industries)
13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5155-56, +880-1755656657

Novoair Saidpur Sales Offices:

Saidpur OfficeHolding No# 0011 (Ground Floor), Shahid Dr. Zikrul Haque Road.
Saidpur, Nilphamari
13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5153-54, +880-1755656656
Rangpur Office47, Dhap Cantonment Road, Rangpur13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5163-64 +88-01755656647
Dinajpur OfficeAnnex Building, Northern Plaza, Ganeshtola, Dinajpur13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224, ext: 5169, 5172; +88-01755656667
Airport OfficeSaidpur Airport.13603, ext: 5178, +880-1755656606

Novoair Overseas Sales Offices:

NOVOAIR, Kolkata, IndiaChowringhee Mansions, Room: B & C, Block: E, A/2D
Dr. MD Ishaque Road (Kyd Street)
Kolkata – 700016, India.
+91-9836333603, +91-9836133603[email protected]
Kolkata Airport OfficeCounter No.27 at Arrival Area
New Integrated Building (Terminal – 2), Near Gate No 4
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport
Kolkata – 700052, India
 +91 98747 23603[email protected]

Join the Novoair Journey:

For anyone looking to experience the future of air travel in Bangladesh, a ticket with Novoair is not just a means of transportation, but an invitation to partake in a remarkable journey. Whether it’s for business or leisure, Novoair promises to redefine your expectations of domestic air travel.

To local business owners, Novoair offers a reliable partner in the skies, connecting you with opportunities across the country. For passengers and travelers, Novoair stands as a symbol of national pride, offering a taste of Bangladeshi hospitality at 30,000 feet.

It’s clear that Novoair’s success is not just in soaring the skies, but also in soaring above the competition with its values of service, safety, and sustainability. The airline’s story is one that resonates with the aspirations of a nation and the ambitions of a global market. Join the Novoair family and be a part of a flying experience that is truly second to none.