Patenga Shipbuilding & Engineering

Patenga Shipbuilding & Engineering: Pioneers in Ship Repair, Shipbuilding, and Salvage Solutions


Patenga Shipbuilding & Engineering (PS&E), Bangladesh’s maritime industry pioneer, stands as an icon for excellence, offering ship repair, shipbuilding, salvage operations and salvage operations that set an industry benchmark. Boasting top professionals and cutting-edge facilities to offer superior engineering solutions across marine and industrial fields alike.

PS&E Provides Ship Repair and Refit Services:

At PS&E, our expertise in ship repair and refit extends from hull repairs to troubleshooting navigation and communication instruments in the bridge room. Additionally, our capabilities encompass renewal services; mechanical repairs including engine overhauling as well as hot work; electrical repair as well as any form of accidental damage restoration services.

Salvage Operations:

Our professional divers, modern ROVs, tug boats and barges equipped with lifting equipment as well as our ability to custom manufacture tools and equipment ensure efficient and effective salvage solutions from PS&E.

Shipbuilding Capabilities:

PS&E provides shipbuilding services for small to mid-scale vessels of various kinds including ships, barges, tug boats, houseboats and pontoons. Our professional team of engineers, technicians, welders, fitters and machinists is focused on meeting each client’s individual requirements cost effectively.

Our Mission:

At PS&E, our mission is to deliver exceptional shipbuilding and industrial services while prioritizing health, safety, and welfare of both employees and the environment. Through ongoing improvements of our Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) procedures, we ensure excellence remains part of our operations.

Quality Management:

In our operations, quality is of utmost importance; as demonstrated by our stringent Quality Management System that adheres to industry best practices. From design through delivery, our commitment is maintained with regular quality checks, continuous improvement initiatives and adhering to international certifications.

Health and Safety:

At our workplace, worker welfare is of utmost importance, which is why we have implemented stringent safety measures. Through training programs, regular safety drills and the incorporation of cutting-edge safety features into every one of our processes and measures. we work tirelessly to prevent accidents so each team member is returned safely each night.

Environmental Responsibility:

At our shipyard and industrial activities, we prioritize sustainable practices as part of our environmental stewardship responsibilities. Our Environmental Management System ensures compliance with regulatory standards while actively looking for ways to minimize ecological impact by using eco-friendly materials or adopting energy saving technology solutions – everything needed for creating a greener future!

Continuous Improvement:

Our focus on continuous improvement is essential to our success as shipbuilding and industrial services evolve in tandem. Through regular audits, feedback mechanisms, and taking an observant stance towards industry trends, we remain dedicated to innovatively setting benchmarks of excellence within these two fields.

Our Vision:

PS&E strives to become a premier provider of ship repair, shipbuilding and marine salvage solutions in Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal region by adhering to strict safety standards, investing in infrastructure, machinery and personnel as well as creating an innovative culture aimed at offering exceptional quality, value, service while contributing to maritime sector expansion and prosperity.


Patenga Shipbuilding & Engineering stands at the forefront of Bangladesh’s maritime sector, providing comprehensive solutions for ship repair, shipbuilding and salvage operations. Their dedication to excellence, safety and environmental responsibility ensure they continually set new standards of quality and innovation – helping propel Bangladesh’s maritime sector toward an impressively bright future.