Welcome to Popular International Express Ltd & Popular International Agency in Bangladesh – your trustworthy partner in customs clearing and forwarding services since 1987! With an exceptional history dating back almost three decades, we take immense pride in having gained government endorsement of all our customs clearing & forwarding agents across Bangladesh.

Our stellar reputation as one of Bangladesh’s premier customs clearing and forwarding agents was earned after three decades of providing top-tier services to an ever-expanding global clientele. By choosing Popular International Express Ltd, you are engaging an experienced, dependable partner who understands all your logistic requirements.

Popular International Express Ltd is more than a logistics provider; we’re your reliable partner with values like transparency, integrity, and sincerity at heart. When you work with us you are assured unsurpassed service dedicated to exceeding expectations and meeting every one of your logistics requirements with absolute precision – trust in us today and witness what a difference in service delivery looks like!

At Popular International Express Ltd, we specialize in an assortment of services that span an impressive spectrum. These include cargo security for maximum peace-of-mind when transporting or storing your goods with us and warehouse storage that offers secure facilities to safeguard them safely in our facilities.

Transparent Pricing: Experience openness and fairness in our prices. Unrivaled Customer Support: Our expert staff are always at hand to offer assistance immediately. Real-Time Tracking: Take pleasure in tracking all of your shipments with ease!

Need Help with Import & Export Consultancy

Are You Needing Expert Import/Export Advice: Do You Require Expert Advice on Import & Export Consultancy Services? Whether it’s decoding complex rules, logistics planning or supply chain management, we cover it all with our highly specialized team.

Efficient Customs Clearance [Import & Export]

Let our experienced, professional team take the stress out of customs clearance processes! You can trust all essential documents and regulations will be handled, giving you peace of mind to focus on running your business without worry over documentation requirements or regulatory restrictions.

Reliable Air and Sea Freight Services

Popular International Express Ltd offers fast and cost-effective air and sea freight services. From sending samples or full cargo aircrafts, our experts take care to fulfill all necessary shipping documentation, transport insurance requirements, customs regulations and customs formalities with expertise.

Consolidation Services for Larger Loads

If your items are large and/or oddly-shaped, our consolidation services offer tailored solutions to make logistics operations more cost-efficient and timesaving.

Top-Tier Warehousing Services in Bangladesh

Trust us for top-tier warehouse services for your import/export goods in Bangladesh. Our expert team handles them carefully with care to guarantee they remain secure and in excellent condition.

Door-To-Door Service for Your Convenience

Reduce time and save on customs clearance fees with our efficient transport delivery service for large or heavy items – ideal when time matters most!

Popular International Express Ltd, your customs clearing and forwarding agent in Bangladesh, provides reliable yet cost-effective logistics solutions at your service. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance; reach out now.


Q What services does Popular International Express Ltd. offer?

Popular International Express Ltd. offers a range of services, including customs clearing and forwarding, import and export consultancy, air and sea freight services, consolidation services, warehousing, and door-to-door transport delivery.

Q How long has the company been in operation?

Popular International Express Ltd. has been in operation since 1987, accumulating over 33 years of experience in the industry.

Q Where is the company located in Bangladesh?

The company is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and serves clients across the country and globally.

Q Is Popular International Express Ltd. a government-approved customs clearing and forwarding agent?

Yes, Popular International Express Ltd. is a government-approved customs clearing and forwarding agent in Bangladesh, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Q Which major ports and economic zones does the company operate in?

The company operates at major ports and economic zones in Bangladesh, including the Chattogram Sea Port, Dhaka Air Port, Icd [Kamalapur Port], Benapole Port, and all EPZs.

Q What makes Popular International Express Ltd. stand out from other customs clearing and forwarding agents?

Popular International Express Ltd. distinguishes itself through its extensive industry experience, commitment to professionalism and ethics, transparent pricing, real-time tracking, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Q How can I track my shipments with Popular International Express Ltd.?

The company offers real-time tracking services, allowing you to monitor the status and location of your shipments efficiently.

Q Can the company handle large or irregularly shaped items for transportation?

Yes, Popular International Express Ltd. provides consolidation services, making it suitable for transporting large and oddly shaped items. Customized solutions are available to meet specific business needs.

Q What are the key benefits of using door-to-door transport delivery services?

Door-to-door transport delivery is cost-effective, time-saving, eases customs clearance, and ensures efficient shipments. It is particularly useful for large or heavy items that cannot be easily shipped through traditional methods.

Q How can I get in touch with Popular International Express Ltd. for my logistics needs?

You can contact Popular International Express Ltd. through the provided contact information, including address, phone number, email, and website. They are ready to assist you with your customs clearing and forwarding requirements.