SeraDoctor: Dhaka’s Online Medical Guide

Experiencing Quality Healthcare with SeraDoctor:

Welcome to, an innovative online medical service provider dedicated to delivering seamless healthcare. We aim to connect you with expert doctors to address any health concern. With a free account, you can arrange appointments with specialist doctors in under a minute.

Your One-Stop Solution for Medical Information:

With SeraDoctor, gain access to comprehensive information, contact details, and directions to the best hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers effortlessly. Our online platform also offers information on various blood groups and facilitates easy access to both AC and non-AC ambulance services.

Choose from Thousands of Experienced Doctors:

At, choosing the right doctor is easier than ever. Browse through thousands of experienced doctors across more than 30 specialties to find a perfect match. If in doubt, our dedicated call center can provide health consultations and guide you towards the necessary services quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Home Medical Service:

To cater to your comfort, we provide diverse home medical services. From blood sample collection to report delivery at home, doctor care, health assistance post-surgery, dressing changes, and more, our at-home care covers a wide range of needs.

Dive into Home Medical Services in Dhaka:

Life in bustling Dhaka can be hectic. Thanks to home medical services available throughout its city limits, quality healthcare services have become accessible and readily available for its residents.

Understanding Home Medical Services:

Home medical services have progressed beyond providing nursing care exclusively to elderly or post-op patients; now serving a wider demographic while meeting an array of healthcare needs.

Discover the Benefits of Home Medical Services:

Home medical services offer patients direct attention from professionals tailored to meet their particular needs as well as convenience.

Dhaka Home Medical Services:

Home medical services available in Dhaka cover a comprehensive spectrum of health needs, from doctor visits and nursing care visits, physiotherapy sessions, laboratory services, palliative care support services and even palliative hospice.

Home Medical Services in Dhaka Are More than Convenience:

Dhaka residents appreciate home medical services more than simply as an added convenience – for many they provide access to care that would otherwise not be accessible or affordable in terms of time, cost or location.


SeraDoctor provides everything from doctor consultations, surgery support, hospital & diagnostic information as well as home medical services aimed at improving health and wellbeing among the residents of Dhaka. Join this revolution in healthcare with SeraDoctor today and experience it first-hand!