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Established and Trusted Study Abroad Consultants

SIG Overseas Consultancy boasts 20+ years of experience as the premier overseas education consultancy in Chittagong. Since then, we have served more than 15,000 students with study abroad opportunities, career counseling assistance and test prep support services.

Expertise and Credibility in Overseas Education

Our success story involves fostering potent international relationships with students, universities, educational institutions, and foreign government organizations. SIG has established strong collaborations with top universities and institutions from around the world, including in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Our track record speaks for itself; SIG continues to set an example in trustworthiness, integrity, professionalism within our industry.

Specialized and Experienced Staff for Study Abroad Consultants

You will be guided by our team of experienced counselors towards the best academic path. Post choosing your desired country and course, our experts will assist you with both your academic and visa applications.

Why Choose SIG Overseas?

As authorized representatives of over 200 global universities and institutions, SIG Overseas offers comprehensive services. Our 16 Indian branches and global branches help you make the right academic decision.

Benefits of Joining SIG:

Joining the SIG family as a franchisee implies becoming part of a rapidly expanding global brand. As a SIG franchisee, you get the opportunity to be your own boss, backed by a globally recognized brand, and grow with us in international education counseling with over twenty years of stable growth.

Top Universities for Overseas Education

We provide admissions and eligibility guidance for the top 500 universities in Australia, the United States, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Why Choose SIG?

With a presence in 9 countries, 16 branches across India, 15,000 students processed, and partnerships with 300 authorized universities, SIG has become a trusted and esteemed name in overseas education consultancy.