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Change Your Outdoor Space With QR Bangladesh’s Premier Swimming Pool Builders in Bangladesh.


Finding peace and solitude amid Bangladesh’s busy urban sprawl can be a luxury. That is exactly why QR Bangladesh exists–to bring that sanctuary right into your backyard! As leading swimming pool builders in Bangladesh, our specialty lies in designing, renovating, and providing accessories for various pools such as steam baths, saunas, Jacuzzis and water features – in-ground, above-ground, infinity or spa pools are within our expertise to be brought into being!

Why Choose QR Bangladesh for Your Swimming Pool Needs?

We understand the lifestyle aspects associated with having a pool go far beyond mere luxury; they make your pool part of it! So that is why at QR Bangladesh we carry only top quality pool accessories to keep it sparklingly beautiful all season round – pumps, cleaners, chemicals, lights – everything needed for optimal enjoyment is right here with us at competitive rates so you don’t miss a moment in enjoying your experience in your aquatic oasis!

At PoolMasters we take great pride in offering an extensive range of products to meet every pool owner’s needs, with categories including Swimming Pools, Steam Rooms, Sauna Rooms and Jacuzzis among them – alongside top sellers like Chlorine suppliers in Bangladesh (BD), Vacuum Cleaning Sets for Swimming Pools as well as Fountain Lights! Our commitment to quality ensures your pool not only looks amazing but functions reliably year after year – something our competitors simply cannot match!

The Best Swimming Pool Company in Bangladesh

As Bangladesh’s premier swimming pool company, QR Bangladesh stands out among our peers thanks to our team of skilled architects, pool designers, engineers, project managers and builders. Backed by years of experience and driven by passion for excellence, our indoor and outdoor pools come at affordable costs with full client satisfaction guaranteed along every step. Whether it’s residential or commercial clients who contact us; each service we offer can be tailor-made specifically to their requirements, guaranteeing total customer satisfaction each step along the way.

How to Find The Best Swimming Pool Company in Bangladesh

Selecting an excellent pool company is critical in realizing your dream pool. Careful consideration must be made of their reputation, experience and quality of their work – at QR Bangladesh we encourage prospective clients to do their research and compare as we believe our portfolio, customer testimonials and commitment to excellence speak volumes about who we are as we deliver nothing less than perfection every time!

Add-On Services: Steam & Sauna Room Installation

In addition to pools, QR Bangladesh also provides professional steam and sauna room installation services that enhance both wellness routines as well as add value to property. Steam and sauna rooms improve circulation while relieving stress levels significantly – an investment worth making for home wellness spaces!


Selecting QR Bangladesh ensures unparalleled quality, expertise and dedication when it comes to swimming pool construction and supplies. Our commitment to your satisfaction ensures we remain the premier option in Bangladesh when it comes to aquatic services. Are you ready for an incredible swimming pool experience? Reach out now so that QR Bangladesh can help make lasting memories in your personal oasis!