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Introduction of Winner Electric:

Welcome to Winner Electric, your ultimate destination for high-quality home appliances in Bangladesh. As the biggest wholesale shop in the home appliances industry, we pride ourselves on supplying a wide range of ceiling fans, electric motor parts, and other electrical items. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and cutting-edge technology, Winner Electric has become the top choice for wholesalers and retailers. Explore our extensive product offerings available in physical stores, showrooms, our online store, social media platform, and website.

Buy Ceiling Fans Online at Unbeatable Prices:

In the scorching weather of Bangladesh, ceiling fans are a household essential. They not only serve a practical purpose but also enhance the aesthetics of your living space with their stylish designs and vibrant colors. Ceiling fans ensure proper air circulation, making your home more comfortable and preventing that suffocating feeling.

Different rooms in your house may require different types of fans. For example, a pedestal or table fan is ideal for bedrooms or study rooms, especially in cooler regions where a ceiling fan may not be needed. Tower fans are another excellent option for efficient cooling, while wall fans save valuable floor space in your kitchen.

At Winner Electric, the largest wholesale shop in Bangladesh, you can easily purchase ceiling fans online. Our platform lets you filter your options by price, color, number of blades, and preferred brands, such as Click, Vision, Jamuna, Conion, Akij, Havells, Bajaj, Usha, Orient, and more. Take advantage of the best fan prices, discounts, and special offers while shopping for top fan brands.

Discover Stylish Fans Online – Enhance Comfort and Aesthetics:

When you’re in the market for fans, it’s essential to choose the right fan for each room in your home. Consider the number of blades and the fan’s placement to ensure optimal performance.

Key aspects to consider when buying a fan:

Optimal Air Circulation: The number of blades in a fan plays a crucial role in air circulation. For larger rooms, a ceiling fan with three blades is typically ideal. Avoid purchasing fans with more than three blades to maintain optimal speed. In smaller or cooler rooms, fans with more blades provide better airflow.
Convenient Control: Look for fans with remote controls and timers, such as towers, tables, pedestals, or ceiling fans. These features allow you to adjust your cooling device’s settings effortlessly.
Trust in Sturdy Designs: Consider reliable brands like Crompton, Galaxy, or Kenstar for their durable and dependable cooling devices.
Noise Reduction: Prioritize a quiet environment by checking the fan’s noise level before purchasing. Some platforms, like Flipkart, offer installation services to verify noise levels for a noise-free experience.
Warranty Assurance: Ensure the fan you buy online has a substantial warranty, ideally lasting at least three years.
Hassle-Free Cleaning: Bladeless fans are an excellent choice for easy maintenance and cleaning, ensuring a pristine appearance.
Make informed choices while shopping for fans online to enhance the ambiance and comfort of your room. Choose the right fan that suits your preferences and complements your decor seamlessly.

What Type of Fan to Buy for My Room?

With a wide range of options available in the online market, you might wonder which fan is suitable for a particular room. Consider these factors when making your decision:

  1. Decorative Fans: Ceiling fans with lights and decorative designs can set the mood in a room. Look for options with stunning colors and designs, including fans for kids’ rooms featuring cartoons or graphics.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Opt for energy-saving fans to reduce power consumption. Fans that require less than 70 Watts are considered energy-efficient.
  3. Table Fans: These are versatile and efficient, even for living rooms. They come with remote controls for ease of operation.
  4. Exhaust Fans: Use brands like Nation Deluxe, Super Star, Walton, etc., for bathrooms and kitchens. Wall fans are also a suitable option for kitchens.
Ceiling FansCharger FanBox Fan
Pedestal FansExit FanPortable Fan
Table FansWall FansIndustrial Fan
Jamuna FanConion FanWalton Fan
Vision FanHavells FanOrient Fan
Muslim FanTBS FanKashmir Fan
ABC FanClick FanArafat Fan

Best Ceiling Fan Collection:

Pakistani Ceiling FanGFC Sapphire Plus 56″ Ceiling Fan (4 Blade)GFC Future 56″ Ceiling Fan
GFC FansGFC Delta 56″ Ceiling Fan (4 Blade)GFC Sapphire Plus 56″ Ceiling Fan
Silica Plus Ceiling FanGFC Dominant 56″ Ceiling FanGFC Sapphire 56″ Ceiling Fan
Silica 56″ Ceiling FanGFC Perfect Plus 56″ Ceiling FanGFC Nabeel 56″ Ceiling Fan
GFC Desire 56″ Ceiling FanGFC Crystal Antique Plus 56″ Ceiling FanGFC Karachi 56″ Ceiling Fan
GFC Crystal Antique 56″ Ceiling Fan (4 Blade)GFC Mansion 56″ Ceiling FanGFC Crystal Antique 56″ Ceiling Fan
GFC Crystal Antique Plus 56″ Ceiling Fan (4 Blade)GFC Monet 56″ Ceiling FanGFC Classic 56″ Ceiling Fan
GFC Sapphire 56″ Ceiling Fan (4 Blade)GFC Glamour 56″ Ceiling Fan

Bangladeshi Top Brand Ceiling Fan:

Local Brand Ceiling Fan
Kazi Classic 56″ Ceiling Fan
Thai Plus Ceiling Fan
Silica Plus Ceiling Fan
TBS Gold 56″ Ceiling Fan (5 Years Guarantee)
Sakura 56″ Ceiling Fan

Silica 56″ Ceiling Fan
Kashmir 56″ Ceiling Fan (3 Years Warranty)
TBS 56″ Ceiling Fan (5 Years Replacement Guarantee)
Balaka Magic Gold 56″ Ceiling Fan
Kazi 56″ Ceiling Fan (3 Years Ceiling Fan)
ABC 56″ Ceiling Fan (3 Years Replacement Guarantee)
Borak 56″ Ceiling Fan
Arafat 56″ Ceiling Fan (3 Years Replacement Guarantee)

For all your home appliance needs, Winner Electric is here to provide top-quality products at unbeatable prices. Shop with confidence and experience superior comfort in your home.


Q Are you looking for Best Ceiling fan in Bangladesh?

Yes, you are in the right place, winner electric can help you to choose which products are best fit for your living room. Visit now;

Q What products does Winner Electric offer in the home appliances industry?

Winner Electric is the largest wholesale shop in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of products, including ceiling fans, electric motor parts, and various other electrical items.

Q Where can I purchase ceiling fans online in Bangladesh?

Winner Electric provides a convenient online platform for purchasing ceiling fans. You can easily filter options based on price, color, the number of blades, and preferred brands like Click, Vision, Jamuna, Conion, and more.

Q What should I consider when choosing the right fan for different rooms in my house?

Factors to consider when selecting the right fan include the number of blades, the fan's placement, and its design. For larger rooms, a ceiling fan with 3 blades is typically ideal. Remote controls and timers for convenience, as well as noise levels and warranties, should also be considered.

Q Which types of fans are available at Winner Electric?

Winner Electric offers a variety of fan types, including ceiling fans, pedestal fans, table fans, charger fans, exit fans, wall fans, box fans, portable fans, and industrial fans.

Q What are some popular fan brands available at Winner Electric?

Winner Electric features renowned fan brands such as Jamuna Fan, Vision Fan, Conion Fan, Havells Fan, and more. These brands are known for their quality and reliability in the home appliances industry.