ACI SEEDS Bangladesh: Unlocking Agricultural Excellence


At the forefront of agricultural innovation in Bangladesh lies ACI SEEDS BANGLADESH. A pioneer of quality, sustainability and progress for over forty years, this brand stands at the forefront of agricultural revolution by meeting every demand from modern farmers with an impressive selection of rice, maize, vegetables and more available for sowing across their expansive portfolio – revolutionizing agriculture with each seed planted!

Championing Sustainable Farming Practices

In an age when eco-friendly agriculture has become the standard, ACI SEEDS BANGLADESH stands as an exemplar. Committed to developing practices that conserve environmental resources while simultaneously increasing productivity and profitability for farmers, this company is setting new standards in Bangladesh with their eco-friendly farming.

Quality Seeds in Bangladesh

Quality is at the core of ACI SEEDS BANGLADESH’s operation. Every packet from ACI represents extensive research and rigorous testing, designed to deliver superior germination rates, resilience, and yield – perfect whether sowing rice fields, cultivating maize fields, or planting vegetable gardens! ACI ensures you’re planting seeds of success that deliver bountiful harvests year after season!

Enhancing Food Security Through Cutting-Edge Research

It has invested heavily in research and development to deliver cutting-edge seeds that address climate change, pest resistance and farmer needs. Their proactive approach not only strengthens food security in Bangladesh but also provides farmers with essential tools needed for success in an increasingly competitive agricultural market.


Beyond providing high-quality seeds, We stands as a constant partner to farmers throughout Bangladesh. ACI provides educational programs, technical assistance and community engagement initiatives designed to increase agricultural productivity and sustainability – helping ensure farmers have what they need today and tomorrow to create stronger, more resilient agricultural sectors.

Your Partner in Agricultural Success

Our mission is to be your partner in agricultural success: from smallholder farmers looking to increase yield, or an agribusiness seeking reliable seed solutions – ACI SEEDS Bangladesh stands as your partner. Boasting an unparalleled history and commitment to greener agriculture practices for future generations alike – they’re helping transform agriculture with each seed they plant!


Explore our wide variety of seed varieties and sustainable farming solutions, or join our growing community of growers by reaching out to us today – together we can sow seeds of hope for the brighter, more sustainable future of agriculture in Bangladesh!

Join us on its mission of cultivating success and sustainability in farming! Every seed counts toward building a brighter tomorrow!