Dhanmondi General and Kidney Hospital Limited

Dhanmondi General and Kidney Hospital Limited – an industry leading healthcare provider located in Dhaka

Dhanmondi General and Kidney Hospital Limited has become one of the premier healthcare services providers in Dhaka since opening for business as Kidney Hospital and Dialysis Center back in 1990. Recognized for pioneering private sector hemodialysis treatment services, its location at City Tower Panthapath Dhaka-1205 makes them easily accessible for its services.

State-of-the-Art Hospital Services and Modern Infrastructure

Dhanmondi General and Kidney Hospital Limited takes great pride in the world-class infrastructure, cutting-edge medical equipment and well-planned accommodation of their hospital. Specialty areas within their service offerings include neurosurgery, orthopedics, gynecology, ENT oncology nephrology cardiology dermatology urology skin laser and dental treatments and comprehensive health management as well as comprehensive physiotherapy center that serves both physical and emotional well-being needs of their patients.

24/7 Emergency Services and Advanced Care Units

Dhanmondi General and Kidney Hospital recognizes the critical nature of healthcare services, offering round-the-clock emergency services as well as ICUs, HDUs, NICUs and PICUs with ICU beds for patient admissions and 24-hour emergency ambulance assistance when necessary. We guarantee prompt medical assistance whenever you need it.

Expert Consultant Chambers and World-Class Operating Theatres

Our hospital boasts well-organized consultant chambers overseen by some of Bangladesh’s premier medical experts, while our state-of-the-art operating theatre is designed to facilitate various kinds of surgical procedures. Furthermore, there are separate male and female wards to meet indoor patient needs.

Collaboration with NIPRO JMI for International Standard Dialysis Units

Working closely with Japan-based Nipro JMI, our facility continues to maintain international-grade dialysis treatment units at Dhanmondi General and Kidney Hospital aimed at offering world-class kidney care right in Dhaka, Bangladesh.