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Experience Superior Healthcare at Evercare Hospital Dhaka

Experience world-class healthcare at Evercare Hospital Dhaka. The belief that healthcare should be an entitlement is revolutionizing emerging markets.

Evercare Group:

As one of Africa and South Asia’s pioneers in healthcare reform, Evercare Group plays an essential role in providing access to high-quality private health services across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya and Nigeria. Our mission is to deliver accessible quality-driven private healthcare at an affordable cost; creating safe high-quality legacy care services for low and middle income individuals alike.

Vision and Mission:

Whilst our ambition is to become the premier integrated healthcare network in emerging markets, redefining access and quality, our primary mission remains providing accessible top-tier private healthcare that exceeds international standards.

Evercare operates under five core values that guide its every action – Quality, Integrity, Passion, Respect and Innovation are our pillars. In accordance with these core principles, we aim to provide excellent care while adhering to ethical standards. Furthermore, Evercare welcomes innovation to enhance both patient experiences and business sustainability.

Evercare’s Impact-Driven Model:

Evercare’s unique for-profit yet impact-driven model fuels us to deliver previously inaccessible healthcare services and positively transform health and well-being throughout its regions of operation.

Evercare Hospital Dhaka:

Evolution Evercare Hospital Dhaka is an elite multidisciplinary super specialty tertiary care hospital located in Bangladesh. Proud of our JCI accreditation status – signifying our uncompromising dedication to global healthcare quality standards!

Why Choose Evercare Hospital Dhaka?

JCI Accreditation: Our commitment to quality and safety is recognized globally through JCI Accreditation.
Leading Experts: Our world-class physicians and healthcare professionals ensure top-tier medical care.
State-of-the-Art Facilities: Access the latest diagnostic equipment and medical technologies for accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.
Comprehensive Care: Our multidisciplinary approach covers various medical specialities from diagnosis to treatment.
Impactful Legacy: Our multidisciplinary approach covers various medical specialties from diagnosis to treatment.

Exceptional Healthcare Services:

Medical services offered by Evercare Hospital Dhaka include:

CardiologyGastroenterologyObstetrics and Gynecology
OncologyGeneral SurgeryDermatology etc.

Providing high quality care and improving outcomes is our goal.

Patient Centric Care:

Our focus is always on patient care. Evercare’s compassionate staff and advanced medical treatments benefit patients.

Evercare Hospital Dhaka Doctor list:

Evercare is immensely proud to boast an elite team of highly-skilled and experienced physicians from varying specializations who work collaboratively together in providing our patients with optimal healthcare and treatments. Click here for our evercare hospital dhaka doctor list.


At Evercare Hospital Dhaka, our commitment to quality, integrity, passion, respect, and innovation drives exceptional healthcare services. Join our mission of revolutionizing healthcare in Bangladesh by choosing Us!