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About Evercare Group: Evercare Group is a trailblazer in revolutionizing healthcare across emerging markets. Guided by the belief that healthcare is a fundamental right, we invest in developing regions to provide accessible, quality-driven private healthcare. Our global platform spans Africa and South Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, and Nigeria. We aim to create a high-quality, safe healthcare legacy for low- and middle-income individuals.

Our Vision: We aspire to become the largest integrated healthcare network in emerging markets, leading the way in transforming healthcare access and quality.

Our Mission: Evercare is dedicated to building a legacy of accessible, top-tier private healthcare for the people of emerging markets. We strive to bridge gaps and provide healthcare that meets international standards.

Our Values: At Evercare, our values shape every facet of our operations:

Quality: We commit to delivering unparalleled healthcare excellence to every patient.
Integrity: We uphold ethical standards and always choose the right path.
Passion: Our deep passion for healthcare shines through in the exceptional care we provide.
Respect: We treat everyone with respect, embracing diversity and differences.
Innovation: We believe innovation enhances patient experiences, caregiver engagement, and business sustainability.

Impact-Driven Model: Evercare is reshaping healthcare by combining its cross-continental platform, impact-driven approach, and high-quality hospitals. Our ‘for-profit and impact-driven’ ethos empowers us to provide previously inaccessible healthcare services, transforming residents’ health and well-being.

Transforming Healthcare in Dhaka: Evercare Hospital Dhaka: This multidisciplinary super specialty tertiary care hospital boasts 425 beds and is the first in Bangladesh to be JCI-accredited. Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation signifies our unwavering commitment to global healthcare quality and safety standards. Our hospital is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools and staffed by world-class physicians, skilled nurses, and technicians across various medical disciplines.

Why Choose Evercare Hospital Dhaka?

JCI Accreditation: Our commitment to quality and safety is recognized globally through JCI Accreditation.
Leading Experts: Our world-class physicians and healthcare professionals ensure top-tier medical care.
State-of-the-Art Facilities: Access the latest diagnostic equipment and medical technologies for accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.
Comprehensive Care: Our multidisciplinary approach covers various medical specialities from diagnosis to treatment.
Impactful Legacy: Our multidisciplinary approach covers various medical specialties from diagnosis to treatment.