Fantasy Kingdom

The Best Amusement park in Bangladesh

Fantasy Kingdom Complex – The Best Amusement Park in Bangladesh

Welcome to Fantasy Kingdom Complex, Bangladesh’s first and largest amusement park! At our magical amusement park in Dhaka, we strive to redefine amusement and entertainment with thrilling rides, relaxing resorts, and limitless possibilities – guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

Fantasy Kingdom Park Tickets

Explore a diverse selection of attractions with flexible ticket options:

Fantasy Kingdom Entry Only: ৳500.00
Fantasy Kingdom VIP Ticket: ৳2,500.00
Fantasy-Kingdom-Ticket-with-12-rides: ৳1,000.00
Combo Package (Fantasy Kingdom, Water Kingdom): ৳2,000.00


Become a part of our family with our membership options:

Family Membership Card: ৳7,500.00 – ৳10,000.00 (Select Options)
Lia Gold Card: ৳3,500.00 – ৳7,000.00 (Select Options)
Student-Privilege-Card: ৳2,000.00 – ৳3,000.00 (Select Options)
Go-Kart-Membership-Card: ৳10,000.00

Fantasy Kingdom Offers

Explore our special offers for group outings, parties, and corporate events:

Corporate Package (Group Packages, Offers): ৳9,000.00
Student Package (Group Packages, Offers): ৳8,000.00
Detos Go Kart Challenge 2023 (Xtreme Racing): ৳1,000.00


Relax and unwind in our luxurious Resort Atlantis:

Resort Atlantis Membership Card: ৳14,000.00 – ৳25,000.00 (Select Options)
Family Package – 4 People (Family Package, Fantasy Kingdom): ৳5,500.00

The Crown Jewel of Dhaka’s Entertainment Landscape

Fantasy Kingdom stands apart as more than an amusement park or resort – it is an imaginative world full of endless possibilities! Nestled in the heart of Dhaka, we provide adrenaline-pumping rides, serene attractions and world-class amenities; from Water Kingdom’s thrilling waves to Heritage Park’s historical allure; Fantasy Kingdom stands proudly as Bangladesh’s leading amusement park.

Why Choose Fantasy Kingdom?

  • Unparalleled amusement experience
  • Diverse range of attractions
  • Commitment to safety and hygiene
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Friendly staff
  • Endless fun and memories

Fantasy Kingdom places your joy and satisfaction first, providing the premier amusement park experience in Bangladesh. Come visit us and let’s make memories that last!


We believe in crafting magical experiences that leave a lasting impression. Our parks feature thrilling rides and attractions to meet all age and interest profiles; be it an action-packed thrill ride or relaxing day out, Fantasy Kingdom is your premier amusement destination!

  • Experience the rush of adrenaline on one of our signature roller coasters.
  • Visit Water Kingdom and refresh yourself with thrilling water slides!
  • Experience an unforgettable BBQ party at Dhaka’s top amusement park.
  • Celebrate birthdays at Dhaka‘s best party location for celebrating birthdays.
  • Visit our resort near Savar, Dhaka for a relaxing retreat experience.
  • Explore Heritage Park, Dhaka’s premier tourist spot.

Water Kingdom – The Best Water Park in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Water Kingdom is Dhaka’s premiere water park, open all year-round and offering thrilling waterslides, splash pools, restaurants and much more for family fun and celebrations alike! Come join us and have some splashing good fun!

Xtreme Racing – The First Go Kart in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Xtreme Racing Go Karting in Dhaka, Bangladesh offers world-class go-karting for people of all ages to experience the excitement of Formula One racing – perfect for family fun days out! Come try it yourself for yourself today!

Heritage Park – The Best Park in Dhaka

Heritage Park provides an exquisite glimpse of Bangladeshi history and culture. Discover scale replicas of historic buildings and monuments, experience village life first-hand and shop handicrafts; while thrilling rides and attractions await at Dhaka’s premier park.

Overall, the Complex offers a world of entertainment for everyone. Boasting unique attractions, first-rate facilities and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, we stand as an oasis of happiness in Bangladesh. Join us and create memories to last a lifetime!


Q What is Fantasy Kingdom Complex?

Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the largest and first amusement park in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of attractions, including thrilling rides, serene resorts, and more.

Q How can I purchase tickets to Fantasy Kingdom Complex?

You can purchase tickets at the park entrance. There are various ticket options, including individual entry, VIP tickets, and combo packages with other attractions.

Q Are there any membership options available?

Yes, Fantasy Kingdom offers membership options, including Family Membership Cards, Lia Gold Cards, Student Privilege Cards, and Go-Kart Membership Cards.

Q What special offers are available for group outings and corporate events?

Fantasy Kingdom offers corporate packages and student packages for group outings and special events. Check the website for more details.

Q What attractions and activities can I enjoy at Fantasy Kingdom Complex?

You can enjoy a wide variety of attractions, including thrilling roller coasters, water slides, BBQ parties, birthday celebrations, and relaxation at the resort.

Q Is there a water park at Fantasy Kingdom Complex?

Yes, Water Kingdom is the water theme park located within the complex. It offers waterslides, splash pools, restaurants, and more.

Q Where is Xtreme Racing located, and what does it offer?

Xtreme Racing is located next to Fantasy Kingdom and offers go-karting, suitable for individuals starting from 4 feet in height.

Q What is Heritage Park, and what does it showcase?

Heritage Park showcases the rich history and culture of Bangladesh with scale replicas of historic buildings, village life experiences, and handicrafts. It also offers thrilling rides.

Q Can I stay at Fantasy Kingdom Complex?

Yes, Fantasy Kingdom offers the luxurious Resort Atlantis for a comfortable stay with various packages available.

Q What are the opening hours of Fantasy Kingdom and Water Kingdom?

Fantasy Kingdom and Water Kingdom are open from 11 AM to 7 PM, seven days a week.

Q Is there a specific package for families?

Yes, there is a Family Package for four people, providing a great experience for families.

Q Are there any special offers for students?

Yes, students can take advantage of the Student Privilege Card and Student Package, providing discounts and unique benefits.

Q What is the pricing for tickets and packages?

Ticket and package prices vary, with options for individual entry, VIP tickets, combo packages, and memberships. Check the website for specific prices.

Q Is there parking available at Fantasy Kingdom Complex?

Yes, there is parking available for visitors.

Q Is Fantasy Kingdom Complex easily accessible from Dhaka city center?

Yes, it is conveniently located just a short distance from the city center, making it an easily accessible escape from the hustle and bustle of Dhaka.