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i-HelpBD: Your Innovative Call Center Software Solution

i-HelpBD is a premier call center software, designed with the goal of optimizing and modernizing customer service operations. Our platform provides businesses with advanced features such as call routing and recording, real-time monitoring, and robust reporting tools, aiding you in enhancing your customer service process.

Unveiling the Journey of i-HelpBD

Started in 2014 with a challenge to disrupt the status quo, i-HelpBD is a fast-evolving consultancy firm with expertise in Call Center Operations, Business Process Outsourcing, and Software Development. Our state-of-the-art Contact Center is a bespoke blend of skilled human resources and cutting-edge technology, aimed at redefining how businesses interact with their customers.

Why Choose i-HelpBD Over Others?

Being based out of Dhaka, Bangladesh, i-HelpBD doesn’t limit its services for local markets. Rather, we aim at serving global markets with the same level of quality and excellence. We bank on our deep technical skill-sets, bespoke software solutions, and in-house resources to always exceed customer expectations.

Our Vision & Mission

We envision becoming a global force in offering innovative solutions, delivering unparalleled quality, and triggering creative thoughts. Our mission is to offer distinguished service in our professional expertise in alliance with statutory practices and integrity.

Reshaping Customer Service with Innovative Solutions

Call Center Software Solutions

Our iContact call center solution is seamlessly integrated into our multi-channel help desk, enabling swift integrations with Agent toolbars & pre-built connectors for leading third-party CRM.

IP-PBX Solutions

Our Unified Communications Systems, also known as business phone systems, handle internal traffic and act as the gatekeeper to the world, making communications efficient and smooth.

Advanced IVR Solutions

i-HelpBD’s Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a web-based system designed for creating complex call handling and messaging solutions effortlessly.

Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions

Experience the best of contact center solutions with i-HelpBD’s Omnichannel Contact Center Solution. Manage customer interactions across Voice & Digital channels in one place.

CRM Based Call Center Software

Our Call center CRM software empowers agents with quick, real-time access to customer information, offering pertinent data during telephone and other support channels, thus saving time and improving customer satisfaction.

Other Solutions

  • Omnichannel Contact Center Solution
  • Visual Interactive Voice Response
  • Sales CRM
  • Workforce Management Call Center
  • Call Center BPO Service
  • Education CRM
  • Healthcare CRM
  • Insurance CRM
  • Banking CRM

At i-HelpBD, we stand by our principles of hard work, integrity, and a strong desire to succeed, ensuring you receive a consistent, high-quality, and comprehensive experience every time.


Q Where is ihelpbd.com situated

It is at H-1, R-15, Dhanmondi,
Dhaka, Bangladesh