Jamuna Future Park

The largest shopping-Mall of South Asia.

Jamuna Future Park: Asia’s Largest Shopping and Entertainment Complex

As Asia’s largest shopping and entertainment complex, Jamuna Future Park (JFP) is a cornerstone of Dhaka’s cultural scene. Nurul Islam established this popular attraction to fulfill his promise about Bangladesh becoming more economically sustainable through cultural investment.

Location of Jamuna Future Park Dhaka

At Kuril, Baridhara on Pragati Sharani, Jamuna Future Park Dhaka (JFP) is easily accessible from Gulshan, Uttara, and Shahjalal International Airport. In 2013, Nurul Islam of Jamuna Group created this iconic cultural destination as an integral component of Dhaka‘s vibrant cultural scene.


Nurul Islam was inspired by Singapore’s shopping and entertainment attractions when she imagined JFP in the late ’90s. Labor shortages and rising costs presented construction challenges during its completion; nevertheless, when it opened for business in 2013, JFP became an instantaneous success.

Features of Jamuna Future Park

The mall spans nine floors and features local and international brands, traditional products, and hypermarket names. In addition, JFP includes children’s theme park rides, gym services, health club memberships, and Dhaka’s second ice rink!

Floor-by-Floor Information:

Basement LevelsThe basement level of the building offers supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as parking for vehicles.
Ground to 5th FloorThere are a variety of businesses in the area, including non-branded shops, banks, and other types of establishments.
6th FloorFood courts, garden restaurants, entertainment parks, and corporate offices are located on the floor.
7th FloorThe addition of a food court, a garden restaurant, a park for entertainment, and corporate offices.


The Mall features various facilities, such as mobile shops and gyms, and the largest cinema in Bangladesh – Blockbuster Cineplex. Furthermore, an Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) can also be found here.

JFP’s Blockbuster Cineplex is the largest cinema in Bangladesh, showing local and international movies and dramas in a comfortable environment at a reasonable price. There’s a different showtime for each movie at Jamuna Future Park Cineplex, so check their website for showtimes.

Other Amenities & Services:

Food Court:

Jamuna Future Park has a large food court with a variety of local and international cuisine options. The meals courtroom has several rapid-meals chains, cafes, and restaurants, imparting a huge range of foods for all tastes and budgets.


The mall has a modern and well-equipped Cineplex with several screens that show the latest movies. The Cineplex offers a comfortable and enjoyable cinema revel in with state-of-the-art sound and picture nice.

Amusement Park:

The mall has a large amusement park that features diverse rides and points of interest for youngsters and adults. The park has interesting rides like roller coasters, bumper cars, and plenty of greater, along with a few extra relaxed attractions for more youthful youngsters.

Bowling Alley:

Jamuna Future Park has a bowling alley with several lanes. Visitors can enjoy playing a game or two with friends and family in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Ice Skating Rink:

The mall has an ice-skating rink where site visitors can experience skating at the ice. The rink is appropriate for each novices and experienced skaters and is a amusing and unique interest this is first rate for all ages.

Prayer Room:

There is a dedicated prayer room in the mall for traffic who need to provide their prayers in a quiet and peaceful surroundings.


Jamuna Future Park has a large parking area with enough space to accommodate thousands of cars. The parking vicinity is secure and properly-lit, making it secure for visitors to park their cars.

Jamuna Future Park Off Day:

JFP management decided the Off Day is on Wednesday (Full day).

Are you planning to visit Jamuna Future Park? Beware of off days!

Dhaka’s premier shopping destination offers endless retail therapy, tempting dining options and thrilling entertainment options. It is important to note Jamuna Future Park’s weekly off days to avoid disappointment.

Smart shopping tips to help you:

Being prepared is key! If you know when Jamuna Future Park’s rest days are, you can avoid closed doors and crowds during these times. Planning ahead of your visit to Jamuna Future Park can help to minimize unscheduled side trips!

Tip: Check Jamuna Future Park’s official website or social media pages for upcoming special events and holiday closures!

What is the impact of Jamuna Future Park on Dhaka?

Economic Engine:The mall has been a significant driver of economic growth in Dhaka, creating thousands of jobs and attracting foreign investment.
Retail Revolution:Jamuna Future Park introduced a new era of shopping in Dhaka, with its wide variety of international and local brands, luxurious ambiance, and modern amenities.
Entertainment Hub:The mall is not just about shopping; it offers many entertainment options, including movie theaters, bowling alleys, and gaming centers, making it a popular destination for families and friends.
Cultural Icon:Jamuna Future Park has become a landmark in Dhaka, symbolizing the city’s progress and modernity.

Hotels and Resorts Nearby

The Westin Dhaka:Luxurious 5-star hotel just 1.6 km away.
Le Meridien Dhaka:Offers city views from its 5-star rooms.
Lake Shore Resort:It will provide more affordable 3-star options just 1.5 km from JFP.
Hotel Shuktara:Offering budget accommodation approximately 3 km away.
Marino Hotel Uttara:An upmarket option is located 4 km from JFP.


JFP is an extensive shopping and entertainment complex offering a diverse array of facilities and services. Offering shopping opportunities as well as entertainment facilities and services that cater specifically for visitors looking for unique shopping and entertainment experiences.


Q Jamuna future park under which thana?

It's under Vatara thana.

Q What day is Jamuna future park closed?

It's close on Wednesday.

Q How to go jamuna future park?

First come at Bashundhara Gate in Bashundhara Residential area, Baridhara. From the main gate, it will be 100 meters distance. you can see Jamuna from the Bashundhara Gate.

Q Jamuna future park blockbuster which floor?

Blockbuster is in Level-5 of JFP.

Q When does jamuna future park open?

It's open from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM (But On Saturday 10:30 AM - 8:00 PM).