Khan Jahan Ali Restaurant serves authentic Bangladeshi cuisine.

Dining at Khan Jahan Ali Restaurant is an unforgettable experience. Situated within Bagerhat‘s Barakpur Bazar, this remarkable establishment is revered for its culinary innovation and commitment to authenticity.

Culinary Delights

Our delectable menu welcomes diners to discover Bangladeshi cuisine which draws upon elements from Indian, Chinese and Thai culinary traditions – creating an exquisite experience every mealtime at Khan Jahan Ali Restaurant!

Taste the delicious, complex flavors of Bangladesh with our iconic Biriyani: an irresistibly aromatic mixture of rice, meat and spices! Plus our fragrant lentil stew will warm you right up.

Fans of delicious grilled dishes should not miss Tandoori Chicken, prepared using an authentic clay oven. Also on offer is Butter Chicken; pieces layered with creamy tomato curry that melt in your mouth like velvet!

If Chinese cuisine is your forte, come try our flavorful Kung Pao Chicken or delicious Shrimp Fried Rice dishes. Additionally, our Tom Yum soup features seafood in its spicy-sour broth while Pad Thai offers stir-fried noodles for something different!

Experience Bangladeshi Hospitality

Our Restaurant offers more than just an dining experience: it serves as an opportunity for culture and tradition enthusiasts alike to come together under one roof and savor Bangladesh’s rich cultural history through traditional Bangladeshi furnishings and artifacts that decorate its interiors.

Bangladeshi hospitality lies at the core of our service excellence. Each member of staff strives to make each dining experience truly special for every guest that steps through our door.

Khan Jahan Ali Restaurant of Bagerhat

Specializing in providing an eclectic combination of cuisine from Bangladeshi culture, our culinary oasis welcomes both local residents and travelers seeking authentic Bangladeshi dishes alike! Come indulge your senses today – come discover Khan Jahan Ali!

Are You Hungry for Something Special? Step inside our Restaurant where tradition meets culinary innovation for an experience unlike any other! Dining will become part of the pleasures we bring you every day!