Khulna New Market: An Energetic Center of Commerce and Culture

Discover Khulna New Market in Bangladesh’s Khulna city for yourself – established in 1966, this bustling marketplace has since been an essential regional economic center, drawing both residents and visitors with its vast offerings.

A Historic Journey:

The origins of Khulna New Market are deeply rooted in history. Emerging from the burgeoning commercial needs of early 20th century Khulna, the New Market stands as a symbol of organic urban evolution. The modern structured complex replaced the old Dhaka Market in 1966, transforming itself into a multi-floored building catering to diverse vendor categories.

Distinctive Architecture:

The architectural design of the Khulna New Market seamlessly blends modern elements with traditional influences. The market’s exterior showcases arched doorways, ventilation windows, and a regal clock tower that rules the city skyline. Inside, the market is an organized tapestry of various sections dedicated to different product ranges.

Offerings Galore:

Its With over 90 stalls offering everything from clothing and textiles, groceries and spices, electronics and appliances as well as handicrafts and souvenirs; plus post offices, banks and money exchange booths- the market offers an unrivalled shopping experience.

Clothing and textilesHandicrafts and souvenirs
Groceries and spicesBooks and stationery
Electronics and appliancesRestaurants and food stalls
Jewelry and ornamentsBank and Money exchange

Khulna New Market Off Day:

Khulna New Market opens its doors to eager shoppers from 9 AM to 10 PM, every day except Tuesdays. Some shops may operate on different schedules.

Why Khulna New Market Stands Out:

A Spectrum of Goods and Services:Whether you are after everyday essentials or unique souvenirs, Khulna New Market promises endless choices.
The Art of Bargaining:Engage in dynamic bargaining exchanges with vendors to secure the best deals.
A Showcase of Local Crafts:Explore an exquisite collection of local arts, including silk sarees, leather goods, and traditional sweets.
Street Food Extravaganza:The market is full of street food stalls serving local Bangladeshi cuisine.
An Iconic Landmark:Khulna New Market has served as the city’s economic and social heartbeat for over half a century.

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