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Nusaiba Construction and Technology – Building Dreams with Care and Innovation

Welcome to Nusaiba Construction and Technology, a trusted name in the construction and digital solution industry. With over 102 projects completed successfully and satisfaction from over 36 leading organizations, we are the team you can trust to build your dream.

About Us

We are a Bangladeshi innovative, women-led organization making giant strides in the construction and IT industry. We pride ourselves in delivering world-class technology, quality, innovation, and timely delivery in providing engineering design, building construction, construction management, and construction materials supply. Our digital solutions range from web analysis and review to software development to clients across the globe.

Experience the Creative Edge

With over four years in business, our team of 18 innovative dreamers is ready to support you in turning your ideas into reality. Innovative, quick-growing, and led by women, our organization guarantees 100% positive feedback and high customer satisfaction, thanks to our experienced management team.

How We Work

Working with Nusaiba Construction and Technology is as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Discussion: Give us a shout if you have a creative idea or dream. We’ll meet to discuss your project, strategy, implementation plan, and delivery timeline.
  1. Concept: Share your concept with us, and together we can understand your project better and work on implementation strategies, outcomes, and outputs.
  2. Final Strategy and Agreement: Together, we’ll set the final strategy, project goal, outputs, team setup, cost, and payment terms. Then, we’ll sign an agreement, and you can sit back and relax. Your job is done!
  3. Implementation: Our experienced and expert team will take care of your project, maintaining world-class standards and ensuring on-time delivery.
  4. Quality Management: Our quality assurance and quality control teams will monitor the quality of the materials and work. You don’t need to worry about quality.
  5. Handover: Once the work is done, we review and prepare the initial handover list, fix any identified errors, and prepare the final handover process.
  6. Post-Handover Support: After handing over the project, we’ll provide the required support, following the contract/agreement for the mentioned time period. You won’t have to worry about after-sales services.

Innovating Your Future

At Nusaiba Construction and Technology, we are committed to support the innovative ideas that will shape the future of the construction and IT sector. Trust us to build your dream with care and innovation.

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