Osmani International Airport Sylhet

Osmani International Airport Sylhet: Your Gateway to the Mystical North-East

Osmani International Airport Sylhet offers travelers an ideal blend of modernity and tradition at their premier airport serving Bangladesh’s north-eastern region, located amidst scenic landscapes in Sylhet. Boasting cutting-edge facilities that ensure efficient, secure, and enjoyable travel experiences – Osmani International Airport Sylhet makes for an effortless travel experience.

Location and Accessibility:

Osmani International Airport’s prime location close to Sylhet allows for convenient travel between Sylhet and its environs, as it serves as an access point. Furthermore, this central hub makes Osmani an invaluable tool for tourists visiting north-eastern Bangladesh’s lush tea gardens, rolling hills, and historical landmarks.

Key Features and Facilities:

A single terminal design at Osmani International Airport accommodates both domestic and international passengers efficiently. Additionally, this terminal features services tailored specifically for every traveler:

Spacious Runway: Able to accommodate various aircraft types, the spacious runway at this airport serves as proof that it’s ready for global connectivity.
Lounge and Dining Facilities:By offering comfortable lounge areas and an array of dining options, passengers are made as comfortable as possible during their wait at this facility.
Duty-Free Shopping: Travelers can indulge in duty-free shopping for luxury perfumes and confectionaries at duty-free stores.
Top-Notch Security: Advanced security measures have been put into place so passengers can feel secure during their travel experience.

Historical Context:

Since 1948, Osmani International Airport has undergone vast changes. Bearing its namesake’s legacy from Bangladesh’s liberation war hero General M. A. G. Osmani’s service, this airport carries historical importance for Bangladeshis everywhere. Substantial renovations and expansion in 2011 brought it up to international standards, becoming an outstanding symbol of Bangladesh’s progress in aviation sector development.

Services Offered:

Osmani International Airport provides services tailored to a range of passenger needs, such as

Efficient Ground Services:which make check-in, boarding and baggage claim processes hassle free for passengers.
International Connectivity:With flights connecting Sylhet to key destinations across Bangladesh and beyond, this airport serves as a vital link for international travelers.

Airlines and Destinations Options:

Direct flights are available from Osmani International Airport to key destinations within Bangladesh and abroad. There are many options for business and pleasure in Osmani.

US-Bangla AirlinesDhaka
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesChittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Dhaka, Doha, Dubai–International, Jeddah, London–Heathrow, Manchester, Medina, Sharjah
Air Astra

At Osmani International Airport Sylhet, every journey begins with adventure, comfort, and security. No matter if you’re a frequent traveler or a newcomer, our airport will delight you.