Quality Calibration Solutions Private Limited

Discover Quality Calibration Solutions Private Limited – Your Ultimate Calibration Partner

Welcome to Quality Calibration Solutions Private Limited of Bangladesh, an industry-leading calibration services company providing precise calibration solutions tailored to each instrument used in industry. Powered by state-of-the-art labs and our highly experienced engineers, we deliver solutions tailored to suit any need precisely and securely.

About Us:

Quality Calibration Solutions Private Limited has earned itself a stellar reputation amongst Bangladeshians for being an established provider of calibration services. Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB)-accredited laboratory in Mirpur DOHS of Dhaka provides unwavering service.

Our Expert Team:

Our operations are steered by Muhammad Saiful Islam Shamim, Quality Manager, and Md. Hasan Ibrahim, Technical Manager, both seasoned professionals in the calibration field. Md. Rubel Miah, our Chief Business Officer (CBO), brings over a decade of experience in various calibration aspects, including auditing, training, and consulting.

Our Achievements:

In our bid to offer industry-standard services, we achieved ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation from NABL, India, at the start of 2018 and from BAB later that year. We also attained the ISO 9001 Calibration Certificate through UKAS and BSTI.

Our Services:

We calibrate a wide range of instruments across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Forklift Inspection Service
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment Calibration
  • Food and Beverages Calibration
  • Textile Calibration
  • Calibration Consultancy
  • Environmental Testing & Consultancy
  • Laboratory Calibration Service
  • On-site Calibration Service
  • Calibration Repair and Maintenance
  • Calibration Certificate

Our Calibration Procedure:

We follow a systematic calibration process, beginning with the manufacturer’s recommendations for calibration points and periods. Our reference and calibration equipment selection maintains at least a 4:1 accuracy ratio.

Calibration Service Centers:

Choose to calibrate with us at one of our service centers for additional benefits, including repairs and adjustments to ensure optimal operation of your equipment.

Importance of Regular Calibration:

Regular calibration is critical for equipment affecting your work outcomes, such as earth resistance measurements, commercial power voltage determinations, and cable diameter measurements for quality control.

Advantages of ISO/IEC17025 Calibration:

Our calibration adheres to the international ISO/IEC17025 standard. The resulting calibration data on the certificate increases trust and ease of approval from authorities requiring such qualifications.
Choose Quality Calibration Solutions Private Limited for precise, reliable, and internationally accredited calibration services.