Shepherds – Hajj & Umrah agency in Bangladesh

Shepherds: Your Trusted Umrah & Hajj Agency in Bangladesh

Planning for your spiritual journey? Enhance your Umrah or Hajj experience with Shepherds, Bangladesh’s reliable Hajj & Umrah agency since 2015. We’ve been meticulously designing our packages in accordance with the correct shariah guidelines and thorough planning, aspiring to be your trustworthy guide in this life-altering experience.

Explore our packages today and let us guide your steps towards enlightening spiritual experiences.

Fulfil your Dream with Shepherds

Shepherds, the Hajj and Umrah agency based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is your partner in fulfilling your spiritual aspirations. We combine spiritual guidance with quality service, adhering to Quranic principles and high service standards. Despite the challenges brought about by the recent pandemic, our commitment to serve remains steadfast as we adapt to newer paradigms, all the while keeping the spiritual essence intact.

The Shepherds Advantage

Shariah Compliant:

Our partnership with renowned Islamic scholars like Dr. Mohammad Monzur E Elahi and Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam al Madani ensures our business operations abide by the highest Shariah Compliance standards.

Dynamic Management:

Our team of dynamic individuals, featuring renowned Islamic scholars and experienced Hajj managers, is dedicated to serving the Guests of Allah with the utmost sincerity.


We ensure affordability without compromising service standards, ensuring every pilgrim gets a chance to embark on this spiritual journey, irrespective of their economic conditions.

Continuous Development:

We strive to adhere to the changing dynamics of the Hajj & Umrah sector, continuously improving our services based on our esteemed clientele’s feedback.


We believe in maintaining transparency in our communications to build a strong bond with our clientele, navigating together through challenging situations.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive support for your journey, managing the minute details so you can focus on your spiritual experience. We assist with Hajj visa processing, reducing paperwork hassles and providing necessary guidance at every step.

Choose Shepherds for your next holy pilgrimage and experience a profound spiritual journey. Click here to explore our Hajj Packages.

Our Commitment

‘Shepherds’ is committed to more than just facilitating your Hajj & Umrah. We aim to provide a learning environment that enriches your understanding of Islam and gives comprehensive insight into the process of Hajj. Our adherence to a transparency-first policy ensures strong relationships and trust with our clients.

May Allah (swt) bless your journey.