Singur Group – Your Trusted Partner in Heavy Equipment Solutions

Singur Group is a business organization in Bangladesh founded by Md Anisur Rahman Anis. We sell, rent, and service heavy construction equipment. Additionally, we are highly qualified to beautify and landscape any type or size of project in Bangladesh. We are also an enlisted supplier for Bangladesh’s defense. Our nursery (Singur Nursery Plant) is located in Dia Bari, Uttara Sector 18, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Landscape and beautification projects have been successfully completed by us.

All Concerns of Singur Group are:

Singur Heavy Industry Ltd.Garmentex Corporation
Singur Nursery PlantSAW Resources
Garmentex LimitedSauda Associates

We are one of the leading importers, traders, distributors, tenderers & bidders, heavy equipment rental service providers, and complete one-stop heavy equipment service providers.

Key Offerings of Singur Group:

Singur Group is your one-stop destination for a variety of services:

  • Importers, traders, and distributors of heavy construction equipment.
  • Tenderers and bidders for major projects.
  • Providers of heavy equipment rental services.
  • Complete solutions for heavy equipment services.

Our Core Products and Services:

Excavators,Truck Cranes,Transit Mixers,
Pay Loaders,Rough Terrain Cranes,Concrete Pumps,
Dump Trucks,pick & carry cranes,Boom Pumps,
Motor Graders,Vibratory Hammers,Forklifts,
Rollers,Rotary Drilling Rigs,Cutter suction dredgers,
Crawler Cranes,Batching Plants,Amphibious excavators,
The Port Equipment includes (Que Gantry Crane, Reach Stacker, Rail Mounted Gantry Crane, Ship-to-Shore Crane, Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane, Tele Handler).

Singur Heavy Industry Ltd.:

Explore our specialized products from Singur Heavy Industry Ltd., including:

Dredging Equipment,Pontoon Dredger 150,
Bell Dredging Pumps,Excavators (SY215C-9 LCS, SY220C-9 LC, SY210C-9, SY245C-9LR, SY155W),
Amphibious Undercarriages,Wheel Loaders (SANY – SW305K, SYL956H5, SW955K1, SW405K),
Cutter & Suction Dredgers,Rollers (Single Drum, Tandem Drum, Pneumatic Tyre),
Amphibious Excavators,Cranes (Below 45T to Over 300T All-terrain Crane, Below 35T to Over 35T Truck-mounted Crane),
A-Frame Dredgers,Forklifts (8.0-compact12.0T Diesel, 4.5-compact5.0T LPG, 1.8T Gasoline&LPG, Rear drive 3-wheel 1.6T),
Amphibious Dredgers,

Bell Dredging Pumps – Unleashing Power:

Bell Dredging Pumps offer versatile submersible dredge pumps with a significant spherical passage, ensuring easy passage of big solids. Key products include Cutter Dredger 250, Cutter Dredger 300/400, Cutter Dredger 400, A-Frame Dredger, Amphibious Dredger, and Pontoon Dredger 150.

Singur Nursery Plant:

Enhance your projects with Singur Nursery Plant in Dia Bari, Uttara Sector 18, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our expertise in landscaping and beautification projects is showcased through successful completed endeavors.

Defense Supplier:

Proudly enlisted as a Bangladesh defense supplier, Singur Group is a reliable partner for critical projects.

At Singur Group, we bring expertise, reliability, and innovation to every project. Choose us for your heavy equipment needs and experience service excellence.