Walton Group

Walton: Bangladesh's Choice for Quality and Value.

Explore Walton Group: An International Conglomerate Redefining Business in Bangladesh

Walton Group was established by S.M. Nazrul Islam in 1977 as an integrated conglomerate. Now one of Bangladesh’s premier companies, Walton excels across electronics, home appliances, cell telephones, automobiles and retail.

Key Highlights:

Flagship Company: Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC.
Global Presence: Operating in China, India, and the United States.
Workforce: Over 30,000 employees, making it one of Bangladesh’s largest employers.
Retail Presence: 1,000+ retail stores under the brand “Walton Plaza.”

Recognition of Walton Group:

CSR Centre and Sustainability Excellence recognize Walton Group as second-largest corporate donor of 2019 among Bangladeshi economy’s players.


Explore Walton’s humble origins dating back to 1977 and witness its rapid ascension into one of the leading consumer electronics manufacturers today under S.M Nurul Alam Rezvi’s leadership as its Chairman since 2017.

Milestones of Walton Group:

Milestones 2017

Market Leadership:Walton successfully cemented its position as market leader for refrigerator and motorcycle sales in Bangladesh.
Expansion:The company recently inaugurated refrigerator and motorcycle manufacturing plants as part of its efforts towards vertical integration.
Diversification:Walton elevated its product categories, together with televisions, air conditioners, and cell telephones, to diversify its portfolio and growth profitability.
Brand Recognition:Walton increased into new product training like televisions, air conditioners, and cell phones to make bigger its portfolio and increase profitability.

Milestones 2018

Export Growth:Walton Motorcycles have entered the international market through Nepalese export.
Technological Advancements:Research and development investments by the company resulted in groundbreaking products with innovative features and technologies.
Awards and Accolades:Walton Group has won a couple of awards and accolades for contributing to the Bangladeshi economy and splendid performance.

Milestones 2019

Production Capacity Increase:Walton expanded production capacity across various product lines significantly to meet rising consumer demand.
Sustainability Initiatives:Walton adopted inexperienced practices and added electricity-saving technology into his operations.
Corporate Social Responsibility:Walton actively engaged in various social welfare programs and initiatives that worked towards bettering his community.

Milestones 2020

COVID-19 Response:Walton supported healthcare facilities during this worldwide pandemic via providing critical electronics and appliances.
Digital Transformation:With market situations shifting, Walton adopted virtual technology and e-commerce structures to meet evolving market desires.
Talent Acquisition and Development:Walton invested in worker education and development programs, growing an professional workforce.

Milestones 2021

Market Share Expansion: Walton strengthened its market leadership across various product categories in Bangladeshi market by seizing an important share.
Global Recognition: This company quickly gained international acclaim for their high-quality products and manufacturing abilities.
Brand Building: Walton keeps to invest in emblem constructing and advertising and marketing projects, solidifying its position as a dependable family emblem.

Milestones 2022

50th Anniversary:Walton recently marked 50 years of consistent growth and success by commemorating this momentous occasion.
New Ventures:The company expanded its business portfolio by entering new sectors like real estate and financial services.
Continued Innovation:Walton stays committed to investigate and development, introducing modern products designed to satisfy client requirements as they exchange over time.

Milestones – 2023

Focus on Sustainability:Walton maintains to prioritize sustainability efforts with the aid of striving to reduce its environmental footprint and sell responsible production practices.
Employee Well-being:At this company, employee nicely-being is of extreme significance and a wonderful work surroundings is created for its staff.
Community Engagement:Walton keeps to play an energetic function in social welfare initiatives that assist its groups of operation.


Walton made headlines when, in April 2022, they acquired three European brands as the first Bangladeshi brand to own foreign ones. Their purchase included Zanussi Elettromeccanica (ZEM) and Verdichter (VOE), strengthening their foothold across Europe.

Manufacturing Excellence of Walton Group:

Compressor Manufacturing: Bangladesh’s first and only compressor manufacturing factory.
Smartphone Manufacturing: Inaugurated the country’s first smartphone manufacturing factory in 2017.
Computer Assembly: Opened the first computer and laptop assembly plant in 2018.
Ventilator Production: In April 2020, announced plans to contribute to healthcare with ventilator production.

Subsidiaries of Walton Group:

Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC. (public)Walton Corporation Limited
Walton Chemical Industries
Walton Digi-Tech Industries Ltd.Walton Micro-Tech CorporationSkyroute Media Ltd.
Walton PlazaDream Park InternationalWalton Agro Farm & Industries
RB Group of Companies LimitedWalton Shipping & LogisticsWalton Motor Industries Ltd.

Future Innovations:

Walton announced an exciting development as they establish a research and innovation center in South Korea, proving their dedication to progress and advancement.
Discover a world in which innovation meets way of life – leaving behind an awesome legacy both inside the organization and out!


Q What are the most popular Walton products?

Refrigerators and motorcycles remain Walton's top-selling products, but televisions, air conditioners, and mobile phones are also gaining popularity.

Q Is Walton a Bangladeshi brand?

Yes, Walton Group is a Bangladeshi company founded in 1977. It has become a leading brand in the country and is expanding its international presence.

Q What are Walton Group's future plans?

Walton Group aims to continue its diversification, expand its international reach, and focus on sustainability and innovation. The company is also committed to giving back to the community through various social welfare initiatives.

Q How can I contact Walton Group?

You can visit Walton Group's website or contact them through their social media channels. They also have a network of showrooms and service centers across Bangladesh.

Q Is Walton a good brand?

Walton Group has earned a reputation for quality, affordability, and reliability. The company has received numerous awards and accolades for its products and services. However, individual experiences may vary, so it's always advisable to read reviews and compare products before making a purchase.