Ajeets Management And Manpower Consultancy

Introduction of Ajeets Management And Manpower Consultancy:

AJEETS, the premier recruiting agency in Bangladesh, boasts a remarkable track record in providing top-notch workforce solutions globally. With over 16 years of experience, we have successfully deployed skilled and unskilled labor to various regions, including the Middle East, the Far East, Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific. Our exceptional team of employment professionals and commitment to meeting the needs of both clients and candidates make us the go-to recruitment agency in Dhaka.

Why Choose AJEETS?

At AJEETS, we serve as the vital link connecting employers and job seekers, streamlining the intricate process of international candidate recruitment. Our extensive range of human resources recruitment services spans various industries, ensuring a seamless hiring process.

Our Specialized Recruitment Services:

Hospitality Recruitment Services: Find qualified professionals for your hospitality business.
Oil & Gas Recruitment Services: Access skilled personnel for the oil and gas industry.
Civil Recruitment Services: Hire top talent for civil engineering and construction projects.
Engineering Recruitment Services: Source engineering experts for your projects.
Factory & Manufacturing Recruitment: Get skilled labor for manufacturing operations.
MEP Recruitment: Fulfill your MEP staffing needs effectively.
EPC Recruitment: Find competent professionals for your EPC projects.
Hotel & Catering Recruitment: Staff your hotel and catering services excellently.
Steel Plant Recruitment: Employ skilled workers in the steel industry.
Infrastructure, Civil, and Road Construction Recruitment: Build your team for construction and infrastructure projects.
Aluminum & Glass Industries Recruitment: Secure specialists for the aluminum and glass sectors.
Dairy Farm Recruitment: Recruit talent for the dairy farming industry.
Agricultural Recruitment: Meet your agricultural labor needs.
Security Service Recruitment: Hire security personnel to protect your business.
Plastic and Fiber Plant Recruitment: Source experts for plastic and fiber plants.
Cement Plant Recruitment: Find skilled employees for cement manufacturing.
Marine and Offshore Drilling Recruitment: Build your team for marine and offshore projects.
Finance and Banking Recruitment: Employ financial professionals who make a difference.
Printing and Publishing Industry Recruitment: Get the right talent for the print and publishing sector.
Logistics and Transportation Recruitment: Fulfill your logistics and transportation staffing requirements.
Chemicals and Pharmacy Recruitment: Find experts for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Beauty Industry Recruitment: Staff your beauty-related business with qualified professionals.

How We Assist You:

AJEETS offers comprehensive assistance to both employers and employees. We streamline the hiring process by organizing resumes, conducting interviews, and securing visas. Our expertise covers various positions, including technical and non-technical roles. We have a dedicated office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, staffed with experts who are committed to serving both employers and job seekers.

Our Global Reach:

As a prominent Bangladesh human resources agency, we extend our services to hire efficient individuals from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Kenya, and Uganda. Our influence is evident in our successful partnerships with some of the world’s largest corporations.


Choose AJEETS as your trusted recruitment partner and experience a hassle-free, efficient, and effective hiring process. Our team’s dedication and global reach ensure you find the right talent for your business needs. Contact us today to make AJEETS your long-term hiring solution.