ISHO Furniture

An Elegant & Modern Furniture Brand

Conceptualized in 2017, ISHO furniture is a progressive furniture and lifestyle company that follows a data-driven design approach to manufacturing and has introduced industry-first products and services through disruptive and innovative campaigns to the Bangladeshi market.

Headquartered in Dhaka, the brand’s goal is to bridge the gap between what is desired in modern living and what is available in the market. Democratizing design, ISHO helps anyone create an affordable, beautiful and modern space. Its platform is designed to maximize convenience and customer interaction.

Along with its flagship stores and experience centers, ISHO’s online platform and social media are among the most visited and innovative in the region.

The furniture and products at ISHO are meticulously researched and designed to meet international standards, and to eliminate furniture imports from other countries, thereby making the end product affordable and ready to use within just 14 days of delivery.

From its in-house Design Studio which offers customers end-to-end design and interior solutions, to the incorporation of technology in its smart-series products, to its commitment to sustainability with its Satranji collection, to its unique and efficient customer service- ISHO is a vertically integrated business and prepared to undertake projects right from the initial concept to delivery.

At ISHO, you can expect to find furniture that is simple, minimal, functional, and affordable. Having three different design styles, there is something to meet everyone’s needs.

The Traditional style is made for people who like to decorate their houses with classical ornamentation. The Modern style is targeted at people who prefer contemporary designs, and Functional style is for citizens looking to utilize their living space efficiently.

The company also recently entered an exclusive partnership with Jaipur Rugs, the global leader of luxurious handcrafted carpets and rugs from India, and its eclectic collection of products are sold through their stores and online website. This makes Bangladesh the next destination for Jaipur Rugs’ beautifully woven rugs which are available across 60 destinations worldwide.

With a design philosophy that merges the past, present, and future, their approach unites cultural historic influence, contemporary trends, and innovation to create furniture for the wider community that minimizes its impact on the environment. On a macro level, the company is changing cultural perceptions of design and lifestyle, while focusing on R&D to develop products and services that are driven by demographics.

Being versatile and adaptable to change has given ISHO market leadership positioning, demonstrating that place-making, sustainability, and innovation can be championed by emerging design nations to lead the furniture industry forward.


Q How to book office table in Dhaka

To book Office Table online in Dhaka is very easy. ISHO's goal is a simple one and that is to bridge the gap between what is desired in modern living and what is available in the market.