Multiplan Center, New Elephant Road

Desktop PC, Laptop, Camera & Accessories

Multiplan Center unveiled as Bangladesh’s Largest IT Shopping Mall

Multiplan Center stands tall as Dhaka‘s premier IT shopping mall on New Elephant Road. Offering everything from top of the line gadgets and affordable used items to laptops, desktops, cameras and printers – visit Multiplan Center now and become part of its family of electronic products and devices!

Dhaka’s Renowned IT Shopping Hub: ECS Computer City

Dhaka’s premier tech shopping destination – Multiplan Center (ECS Computer City), is known for offering an expansive selection of computers, notebooks, tablets, software cameras office equipment printers scanners etc – at competitive prices. Their state-of-the-art facilities such as escalators capsule lifts cargo lifts ensure an enjoyable shopping experience for tech enthusiasts.

Quality and Price: The Multiplan Way

With high-end products at unbeatable prices, ECS Computer City excels when it comes to quality and affordability. We accept both cash and credit cards, so both middle class and upper middle class shoppers can enjoy shopping here!

Enhancing Your Shopping Experience

Multiplan Center goes beyond providing shopping; our goal is to enhance your overall experience. That means offering underground car parking for up to 50 cars free of charge; clean toilets on every floor that adhere to high hygiene standards, and space dedicated for prayer ablution or prayers as part of our comprehensive shopping services; we take great pleasure in accommodating you during your shopping experience at Multiplan Center! Our priority is your comfort – let us ensure it!

HP Exclusive Shop: Your Trusted HP Retailer

Your Trusted Retailer In Multiplan Center lies an exclusive HP retailer shop serving Bangladeshi HP users. From laptops, desktops and accessories, all your HP needs can be found all under one roof! Additionally, we also provide repair services so your devices stay running at peak condition. The HP Exclusive Shop at Multiplan Center offers attractive discounts and deals for HP enthusiasts and users.

Multiplan Center Offers Unparalleled Selection, Unrivaled Experience

Multiplan Center has over 500 shops covering 420,000 square feet, offering IT products for every budget and model. Everything from cutting-edge models to budget models is available at Multiplan Center, with great customer service around every corner. Helpful and knowledgeable staff members are always at hand to assist customers and offer top-tier support services.

Multiplan Center Off Day (Operating Hours and Contact Information)

Multiplan Center opens its doors at 10:00 a.m., except on Tuesday’s weekly off-day. Plan your visit after 11:00 a.m. to allow time for necessary preparations. For inquiries or shop rental opportunities, contact the mall authority at 02-55153472 or 01938-858804.

Shop Secure, Shop Multiplan

At Here, your safety is of utmost importance to us. Our CCTV surveillance system and security personnel strategically placed throughout our premises ensure a worry-free shopping experience.

The Future of IT Shopping

Multiplan Center welcomes your feedback as it shapes the future of IT shopping in Bangladesh. You can help shape our website by sending us ideas on how to enhance the shopping experience!

Explore While Shopping

Don’t stop your adventure of retail shopping just because Multiplan Center itself closes – expand it even more by heading over to nearby Bashundhara Shopping Mall or Jamuna Future Park, both offering diverse retail experiences – perfect companions to Multiplan Center!

Visit Multiplan Center now and immerse yourself in an unparalleled blend of cutting-edge tech, unrivaled pricing, and convenient services – it’s time to experience Bangladesh’s leading IT shopping mall!

Take Advantage of Nearby Shopping Destinations

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Visit Jamuna Future Park:

For an even deeper shopping experience, head to one of South Asia’s largest shopping and entertainment complexes: Jamuna Future Park is one of South Asia’s largest megamalls, located a bit away from ECS Computer City and offering international and local brands, an amusement park, cineplex cinemas and food courts all under one roof – making this mega mall must-see spot an essential stop on any South Asian itinerary! Discover more of Jamuna Future Park here.