Premier Law Services

Premier Law Services is a comprehensive range of legal services for both national and international clients.

Welcome to Premier Law Services of Dhaka, the hallmark of exceptional legal brilliance! Being a full-fledged law firm, we prioritize safeguarding your rights, interests, and tranquillity. Our commitment to forging relationships beyond standard legal services makes us the ultimate choice for your legal needs.

Why Choose Premier Law Services?

Unparalleled Expertise

Our strong legal team is bestowed with enormous expertise across diverse legal areas like family law, corporate litigation, contract law, criminal law, civil law, land disputes, company law, and writs.

Proven Track Record

Our extended history of victorious cases and gratified clientele is reflective of our firm’s unwavering commitment towards achieving results. We take pride in assisting individuals, families, and businesses in securing favourable outcomes.

Accessible and Responsive

At Premier Law Services, we comprehend the urgency of legal issues. With us, support and guidance are merely a call away.

A Glimpse About Us

As a comprehensive legal service provider, Premier Law Services caters to national and international clients, boasting three decades of institutional experience across key practice areas. Our close-knit team actively collaborates on advice and cases to deliver results for clients across our client base.

Our Main Practice Areas:

  • Admiralty and Shipping
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Revenue Law
  • Arbitration
  • Energy
  • Taxation
  • Aviation
  • Employment Law
  • Telecommunications
  • Banking and Financial Regulation
  • Human Rights Law
  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Intellectual Property

We specialize in constitutional and administrative law, infrastructure projects, oil & gas exploration, power sector initiatives, and telecommunications.

Creative Solutions

We believe in providing innovative solutions that capture attention and deliver substantial results. Our services include –

  • Arbitration
  • Corporate & Commercial Law
  • Real Estate
  • Taxation

Meet Our Team:

Our dedicated team of lawyers specialise in various practice areas ensuring the best legal support for your needs.

The New Generation Lawyers: Premier Law Services –

Offering effective solutions and comprehensive legal services to domestic and international clients alike. Let us stand by your side as your trusted legal partner in Dhaka.

Embark on your legal journey with Premier Law Services today!


Q What areas of law does Premier Law Services specialize in?

Premier Law Services specializes in various practice areas, including family law, corporate litigation, contract law, criminal law, civil law, land disputes, company law, writ, admiralty, arbitration, aviation, banking and financial regulation, commercial and corporate law, constitutional and administrative law, employment law, energy, human rights law, intellectual property, revenue law, taxation, and telecommunications.

Q What sets Premier Law Services apart from other law firms in Dhaka?

Premier Law Services stands out due to its unparalleled expertise, proven track record of successful cases, and a commitment to being accessible and responsive to clients' needs. With over thirty years of institutional experience, we offer a close-knit team of dedicated lawyers working collaboratively on advice and cases.

Q Does Premier Law Services offer international legal services?

Yes, Premier Law Services provides comprehensive legal services for both national and international clients. Our team actively collaborates on advice and cases to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Q How quickly can Premier Law Services respond to urgent legal issues?

Premier Law Services understands the urgency of legal matters. We are just a phone call away, providing timely guidance and support to address urgent legal issues.

Q What types of cases does Premier Law Services handle in the criminal law practice area?

Premier Law Services handles a range of criminal law cases, including but not limited to sexual offenses, internet crime/pornography, property offenses, violent and domestic offenses, homicide, drug offenses, breach charges, firearm and weapons offenses, asset recovery, bail, and appeals.

Q Does Premier Law Services engage in pro-bono work?

Yes, Premier Law Services actively encourages and supports its members in providing pro-bono advice and representation in public interest and human rights cases.

Q Can Premier Law Services assist with real estate matters?

Absolutely. Premier Law Services has expertise in real estate, covering areas such as arbitration, banking, corporate and commercial, employment, energy, securities, and telecommunications.

Q How does Premier Law Services ensure client satisfaction?

Premier Law Services guarantees 100% satisfaction. Our proven track record, diverse expertise, and commitment to effective solutions contribute to client satisfaction.

Q Can individuals and businesses from outside Dhaka avail Premier Law Services?

Yes, Premier Law Services caters to both national and international clients, providing legal assistance and representation to individuals and businesses regardless of their location.