Discover Saidpur Airport: Gateway to Bangladesh’s Northern Wonders

Saidpur Airport, one of Bangladesh’s domestic airports, serves as an entryway into its Northern region’s rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes. Saidpur serves the city of Saidpur and surrounding areas and travelers wishing to discover historical and natural attractions of Bangladesh can use this airport for convenient transportation – with its wide array of facilities designed to ensure a pleasurable journey experience and welcoming spirit, Saidpur is a major gateway.

Key Features and Amenities:

Equipped with a single runway, Saidpur Airport (Saidpur Airport Code) accommodates small to mid-sized aircraft for seamless connectivity between Saidpur and major cities like Dhaka and Chittagong. The passenger terminal at Saidpur can comfortably accommodate up to 250 guests with amenities designed to ensure an enjoyable waiting experience. Flights operate out of this airport from early morning through late night making Saidpur an integral component of Bangladesh Flights network.

Comfort and Convenience in the Terminal:

Travelers arriving at the Airport will find a modern terminal featuring essential facilities. Restrooms, waiting lounges, and retail area offer travelers an inviting environment in which they can wait comfortably before their flights take off – reflecting Saidpur Airport’s dedication to passenger satisfaction.

Explore Surrounding Attractions and Attractions:

Travel from Saidpur Airport opens up a world of historical and natural marvels:

  • Mahasthangarh: Explore one of Bangladesh’s oldest urban archaeological sites within 13 km from the airport.
  • Karatoya River: Just 7 kilometers away, Karatoya’s scenic banks provide tranquil views and enjoyable boat rides.
  • Silk City of Rajshahi: About 120 kilometers from Saidpur is Rajshahi with its silk industry and historical landmarks not to be missed.
  • Paharpur Buddhist Vihara: Saidpur’s proximity to this UNESCO World Heritage site stands as testimony of its spiritual history and daily life.
  • Local Markets in Saidpur: Get an immersive glimpse into Saidpur’s vibrant culture with just a short drive into one of its lively markets!

    Airlines and Destinations:

    It is served by several airlines that connect passengers to key locations within Bangladesh, with frequent flights between Dhaka and Chittagong making travel easy from Saidpur Airport. Travelers can easily access other parts of Bangladesh through Saidpur from there.

    Biman Bangladesh AirlinesCox’s Bazar, Dhaka
    US-Bangla AirlinesChittagong, Dhaka
    Air AstraDhaka


    Saidpur Airport serves more than just as a stopover; it marks the start of an incredible adventure through Bangladesh’s northern treasures. From ancient ruins and riverbanks, to Rajshahi silk production facilities and beyond – Saidpur Airport makes exploring Bangladesh’s northern region both easy and exciting! Providing essential amenities as well as strategic positioning make traveling through this airport enjoyable experience.